Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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Yeah, I think he's a bit too manly now to go back to the sweater vests at this point. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the season 3 episodes where he wears them, but I think a hefty supply of t-shirts in a bunch of colors would suit him nicely this year...

I'm loving the T-shirt society idea too!
I didn't mean to make him look less of a dork, I liked dorkie Ryan. I mean less of a dumb ass, because that's what they have made Ryan look like in that last two season with all the stupid mistakes he's made. LIke the luminal, freezing up when about to get shot, Gambling, getting caught gambling on work time, Shoving the cop, ya get it.
Oh yes - TPTB made him do too many stupid things. Dorkiness is cute. The stupidity that they gave him was just not him. *kicks writers*

He's changed such a lot since S3. I can't imagine him going back to being that Ryan. I loved that Ryan, but I love this Ryan too. He's more confident and happy with himself.

(Still love the sweatervests, though. :D)
I agree with AliGtr.... Ryan has changed alot since season 3.. in my opinion in season 3 he was kinda dorky... but in a cute way!! :) lol i just think that you can tell that he has grown up more and has become more confident in himself over the last couple of seasons... but i do love his sweatervests.. they are so cute but i definately think that the t-shirts suit him better lol.... :lol:

and Twiztid4Togo i agree with you about how they made Ryan look like a dumb ass in past seasons especially season 5... I mean yeah sure Ryan has made mistakes and yeah he got punished but if you think about it.... didn't Eric make mistakes? :confused: but he didn't get any punishments for anything at all! I mean Eric didn't owe money to a murder suspect.. idk i just hate Ryan being like the one who always messes up! anyway I hope Ryan has a good season meaning he has good storylines hopefully some about his family

and for the name of the new thread i like:
Ryan/Jon #18: The Tight T-Shirt Society :)

but all the suggestions are amazing! :)
What do I wish Ryan for Christmas? A better team of writers giving JT good stuff to work with! Oh, and lots of purple to wear. LOTS of purple. :D
HoratioStalker said:
What do I wish Ryan for Christmas? A better team of writers giving JT good stuff to work with! Oh, and lots of purple to wear. LOTS of purple. :D
And lots of orange!

*points to new avvie* Thanks so much Kat!
My Ryan Christmas Wish List Is...
A Shirtless scene
More T-shirts
Another shirtless scene
Him take someone down for a change instead of Horatio
Another shirtless scene
Some back story on him

I think thats it for now ;)
ILuvJonathanTogo said:
My Ryan Christmas Wish List Is...
A Shirtless scene
Another shirtless scene
Another shirtless scene
Only if Calleigh gets them, too. :devil:
I saw tonight 'Man Down'.
The episode was very thrilling. :eek:
I felt sorry for Eric and the others.
Ryan had some nice moments and I liked how concerned he was about Eric.
yeah especially when Ryan went to visit Eric in the hospital....he actually looked the most sad about it....maybe having some regrets?
oh my gosh Ryan/Jon looked so hot last night i was so tickle-me-pink when i seen him in that shirt and blazer jacket i was drooling so bad last night. also loved all the screen time last night and was it just me that Ryan was really cocky.
Yes Ryan did look sexy last night! Oh and Random Scribblings has caps up from last night. For those who have not seen it - go check it out!
Yeah he was cocky with that guy who came under the tape for the vehicle. Ryan stood up to the dude telling him to back off but it sucks that the dude just stared at him like he was nothing. He didn't back down till Fuckin Super H told him to beat it..WTF. Can't they just let RYan have a little moment? NO...Super H has to step in and be the hero. I didn't watch the whole show, there's a better show up against csim now and I watched it, but I did dvd record csim. I did flip over for commercials and caught that part that pissed me off so I still haven't watched csim yet..Sad, very sad.
I too wish H would have let Ryan kick the cocky guy's arse...perhaps there might have been some shirt rippage?! :devil:

And sooo cute how Ryan's shirt matched Frank's tie. Do you think they planned that as a welcome back to the group thing for them both? :lol:
Good observation, Wolfesgamergirl!

I noticed that too, perhaps it was. It's funny how the writers always hide those hidden messages within the show...
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