Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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I am getting so excited about the season starting next week! I just wish we had seen more pics of Ryan. I guess we still have a few more days...maybe some will come out. It is nice that season 5 is being shown again. I have caught a few episodes that I have never seen before - like COTC. That was a great one! :D

Nice pic Ali! :p
CSI_Kat said:
I have caught a few episodes that I have never seen before - like COTC. That was a great one! :D

Curse of the Coffin was great! Lots of Ryan action. I loved the scene where the body sat up, it was priceless! What with that, numb hands and falling over in the cemetary, poor Ryan had a fair few shocks that episode!! :lol:
(But managed effortlessly to look gorgeous throughout of course ;))
OMG!!!! I love COTC!!!! That was one of THE MOST hillarious ep ever!!!! and he was so cute when he got scared :D and

i took a look at the behind the scenes pic of Jon and i see something near his left side it looked like something silver but someone's shoe or something is in the way. hey that's just what i saw. don't take my word for it....
Ok now I am seriously upset with whoever is responsible for gettin promo pics out to us..where the hell are they? Last couple of yrs I've had promo pics of the cast in August and now it's less then a week away and we've had none. WTF where are they? All that we got so far are a few promo's from ep and behind the scenes..eeeerrrrr. ON a good note it's less then a week away YAY... BUT I'm seriously worried about how they are going to make Ryan look this season. I don't want him looking like a big time looser doing odd jobs, come on. I hope we got some new writers or TPTB got a good vacation and their brains back. I'm going into to this season fearful it's going to be another crapper but I have hopes they can give us some good story lines for all the csi's.

I think COTC was my fav ep of last season. Ryan was so adorable in it and Togo did a great job, really showed his acting abilities.
COTC was funny and good. It was worth the wait to see it! :p

Yes promo pics would be good. Let's hope we can see eppy caps up quicly after Monday night.
hey guys haven't posted here for a while, didn't have much to say, and didn't want to spam, yess, COTC was the best episode from last year. I want promo pics, not behide the scence pics, ggrrr. It's almost Monday, and I can't wait!!

Thanks so much for these pics. It makes up for the lack of promo pics. He is absolutely gorgeous in these! :p
Grrr the clip/video is on such a delay it's irking. I HATE watching something where their mouths are moving like 10 seconds ahead of the sound. :mad:
Great pictures BulletGrrrl :D
He's looking really good.
I tried to watch the video but my computer is too slow and it's not working! :(
BulletGrrrl thanks for the pics

They made fun of peeps w/ dial up, well jon didn't but the interviewer did.

Rack, you know i'm on top of this and got some more goodies..Hey that was last night and he said he had a message...and it was last night *raises brow*
Thanks for the pics BulletGrrrl! :eek: I saw chest hair!!! :D

The video was also amazing, thanks Nozomin. I couldn't stop laughing!
"They are no...I don't know any bands. [Interviewer: They are no 'N Sync] Yeah. They are no 'N Sync."

:lol: Oh that was hilarious... Jon. I think you just showed your age. ;)

OH, and Hi guys. Sorry I'm late at congratualing you on a new thread. But, erm Congrats!

Nice photos, and HILARIOUS video.
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