I finally got to watch RENT and was it just me or were the deleted scenes and the alternate ending just about the best part???? OMG...............I cannot believe what they left out of Goodbye Love!!! I totally liked the alternate ending the best!

LOVED the movie btw, LOVED it!
Well, the 2nd four minutes explained so much too I thought. Of ocurse, I'd read between the lines and figursed stuff out, but the scene part of it they deleted I thought was so important!!!

Maybe they knew we'd watch it, but if I'd seen it in the theatre I'd have missed all that and that is sad!
I agree. They should have put the deleted scenes in. Personally, I was a little confused and not a whole lot empathetic to the characters because we were just barely brushed upon towards the end of the emotions and actions of the characters.

It wasn't until the deleted scenes did I realize and I don't know, thought it would make the movie a whole lot better if they kept it in there.
Excellent! Some more Rent-heads on Talk CSI. I just want to say that I loved both the B'way show and the movie. Glad to know that I'm in good company. The whole soundtrack rocks, my personal faves are: "What you Own", "One Song Glory" and "Light My Candle". Also, Flack's got some competition in Adam Pascal aka Roger. ;)
I watched the deleted scenes and I certainly agree that Halloween and Goodbye Love should have been left in, although I don't think the alternate ending should have been used.

On the commentary they talk about the alternate ending, and they explain why it wasn't used. They wanted to make people realise that Angel really was gone. It would have seemed like "Oh, it's okay, he's okay, he's back" if they'd used that ending, and it would have destroyed the reality that is RENT.

Although it was beautifully filmed, I just don't think that ending should have been used. RENT is supposed to be an account of real life, of the hardships faced, the relationships made and lost, and the realities of every-day life. If they had brought back Angel, a person tragically lost to AIDS, it would have made AIDS seem like a trivial thing, which it isn't. I think it was more moving to just have Angel in Mark's film, because it was a memorial to his life, and the mark he left on his friends.
I have been given the oppurtunity to do a project on RENT for a class I am taking atm.

I am currently watching "No Day but Today" which is the story of Jonathan Larson. And I still cannot believe that Jon never got to see the full potential of his show.

I feel like I should bump this, because RENT has changed my life, and the way I feel right now, I have to say it:

Thank you Jonathan Larson.
there is a production of rent in the city that i live in at the moment *squee* and the guy who plays angel is an old school friend of my brothers and also the brother of a good friend of mine (wow, that's confusig). i'm seeing it tomorrow and i cant wait!

*dies of excitement*
Did anyone listen to the podcasts you can download because of the 10 year anniversary?? I just love them all and it's great to hear how they all started on this. For instance that Daphne raided her closet to pick out a costume for Mimi.
Yeah, I heard about Daphne's clothes being used for Mimi, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever!!! And I think it was Macys, but some big store did a RENT-based clothing line!!! If I'd been a fan back in the day of the OBC I'd have bought everything, LOL.

I also thought is was hilarious that the choreography for One Song Glory is based on Adam Pascal not knowing the words at the time of the first performances, so they had to choerograph it so he could check the words from the cue card taped to the table.
HATING YOU!!! Lucky lucky lucky!!!

Apparently some kind of RENT production is coming to a town near me, so I'm trying to find out exactly when so that I can camp out for the $20 seats if they offer them. And my mom knows that if they are offering them, she has no chance of making me go to school on the day of the shows, because I will be with my blankets outside the theater.