Recomended Merchandise

Well, I have nothing CSI merchandise related. If I had to choose ONE thing under a cheap budget (say... max $50) what shoud I get?
I have just finished reading "Killing Games". Max Allan Collins is a top notch writer. Have some reservations about buying the first CSI:NY novel though! Read a revue about it
saying that Kaminski wrote the book without having watched the program beforehand. Although, I may buy the second one.

As for the graphic novels, I would like some advice before purchasing any.
Well, I don't have any of the box sets as yet, but I would recommend the CSI:Dark Motives PC game. I love it, it's soo cool :D
I reccomend the DVD box sets and the novels! The DVDs are just plain awesome, they speak for themselves, and the novels are very easy to read and they are also very good! :p
I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Cinephile's 'What Becomes Of Us ?' single. The song was used in the facial reconstruction scene of CSI: Episode 513 'Nesting Dolls'. They specifically released this track as a single for the CSI: fans around the world who wanted it. I bought two copies and sent a mail asking if they would sign them for me, which they did. $5 for an authentic piece of unique merchandise sounds like a bargain to me. You can get it at:
For those who have bought the newer DVD TRIPLE PACK, there is a link that will solve that problem.
I, of course, love the DVD sets because I can watch CSI anytime I want! And I think the board game is pretty awesome too :D
The books, especially those written by Max Collins, get two thumbs up from me! I also liked the Puzzles and the Board games. They all ROCK!!!