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What Would Be The CSI Merchandise Item You'd Recomend On Getting To Your Friends?

It's an odd question but It Poped into my head so I thought i'd ask.
The first CSI game for the PC. Maybe the second one if they fixed all the bugs in it.
But then again the 1st pc game is really gd! Especially since u get to hear Nick's sexy voice!
I only watch Miami and NY, so I'll have to say the DVD box for season 1 for Miami. And also the books. And the graphic novels. And if they ever come out with the CSI:M cards those too.
I do not know if they are shipping bug-free copies. With the holiday gift season, I'm hoping ther are. But poeple with the problem disks can download patches from the manufacturers website. Has anyone had any trouble with the CSI:Miami PC game? Have they learned their lesson?
I had terrible bugs in both CSI games... I downloaded patch for Dark Motives. Tho, every game has its bugs and those usually have patches but... I don't know about CSIM
If I had to recommend anything to do with CSI it'd be the CSI Companion book. It is really something. And you don't need to have watched the show to have understood what the cases were about.

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