Quotes You Wanna But Probably Will Never Hear On CSI: NY.

Way late but NO!
(note that I'm not trying to yell at anyone or make anyone feel bad with that one...just had to say it lol)

Mac: how about Miami for our honeymoon? Cause they.. *puts on shades* never close. *big yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhh!* behind him*

Flack: You tell Stella about the wedding yet?
Flack: you know,tall,dark,frizzy hair,Greek,worked here 7 years before Jo?
Mac: doesn't sound familiar

(That one is because I hate her not getting even occasional mentions)

I know, considering the fact that Mac and Stella were really good friends and had known each other a long time. It's as if she's just fallen off the face of the Earth.
This is the one scenario that would have been fun at the end. Although I'd hate to see them break up for a while yet...everyone retires eventually, but if Mac HAD to...

Mac: I brought you all together to announce that I'm retiring...for good this time. It's been wonderful working with you all, and I know that our friendships will continue hopefully for the rest of our lives. I'll miss this job greately, but it's time for me to spend more time with Christine. I do know who will be taking my place as head of the lab...and you'll all likely be pleased. Stella is coming back to take the job.
Danny: now you're sure of where your and Christine's outfits are from,right? I don't wanna hqve to process either one of you.
Mac: it's good, there were no corpses involved this time.
Danny: I hope so.
Mac: I do recall a talk we had during that case...someone who said I scared him talking about love.
Danny: If you'd told me then where I'd be now, I'd have said you were insane.