Quiz Thread #4

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Terms with 'World' in them. I got 13/26. I was lost on the computer games and songs

Top Selling 'Pop' I got 9/10. I got stumped on #9

Plastic surgery. 4/15. I gave up. I don't think I would have figured out half of them :lol:
Countries with the most airports - 17/25 :D
Well Known Clowns - didn't try :alienblush: :lol:
US TV shows with first names in them - 5/34 (recent ones :alienblush:)
Countries with the most airports: 16/25 - should have had 1 more but I never realized I spelled it wrong so it didn't come up :alienblush:

Well known clowns: 7/18 - not to me! :lol:

U.S. TV shows with first names in them: 20/34 - was having more trouble with the more recent ones. :confused:

Countries with the most airports - 13/25 Yup, missed one cause I spelled it wrong
Well Known Clowns - 5/18 now is that a good thing or a bad thing :shifty:
US TV shows with first names in them - 27/34 would've had more if my memory worked :rolleyes:
Pixar movies I'm impressed that I was able to get 3 correct :D

planets. I would have been faster if I could spell but I did get them correct with 15 seconds left :D

Baseball. I have a complaint here because one of the teams they have listed by there nickname not their proper name :scream: anyways I got 25/30. I ran out of time because of spelling.
Name the Pixar Movies - Got them all, had 1:10 left :D
Name the Planets - Got them all, had 1:24 min lefts :D
Major League Baseball - Didn't try 'cause I've idea since I don't live in US :lol:
Name the terms with ice - 14/16

Can you name the before and after answers - 10/16

Can you name the computer terms - 7/26 - Apparently I didn't pay much attention during that part of computer class.
Terms ending in 'ice' 12/16

Before and After answers 7/16

Computer terms. Now on my own I got 2/26 but with the help of the hubby I got 17/26 :D
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