Potential Season Six Crossover Partners

Sphinx, that would depend upon whether or not Greg puts on some Rockettes headwear like the one he once wore in the lab.
I agree with mjszud. Criminal Minds would be cool because they fly to wherever so they could go to Miami. I'd really like to see that. JJ and Calleigh would kick ass.
Without a Trace.... My other fave show! And about Vivian whooping Stetlers ass.. that would be so great! Danny whooping stetlers ass would be better. Or a headbumb as Danny has done before :lol:
Could you imagine the conversation the blond FBI agent and Calleigh would have concerning dating coworker. I could see them bonding togeather at the gun lab and going out for drinks at the bar.
How about Ghost Whisperer? May not be my favorite show, but I think she'd be seeng a lot of ghosts and Jen's character might be able to interact with the victims even better than H. Just a thought...

I like the Criminal Minds idea and it would be funny to see them cross over with Ugly Betty.
Dynamo1 said:
Ghost Whisperer: Melinda Gordon can talk to the ghosts of Speed and Marisol.
NCIS: Jethro Gibbs can headslap Ryan, Abby can help Valera in the lab, and Ducky and Alexx can talk to corpses together.
Miami Vice: Sonny Crockett can give the CSIs fashion advice.
NYPD Blue: Andy Sipowicz retires to Miami and notices a red-haired CSI who resembles an old partner.
CSI and CSI:NY: A three-way crossover when the CSIs meet for a national convention, maybe in Orlando. Grissom gets to ride the coasters at Disney World and Universal Studios.


I myself would love a Miami/Without a Trace crossover, it would be great! Or a Las Vegas/Numb3rs crossover.
Would you have superman come to Miami or Horatio go to Smallville? Would superman save any of the CSIs? He should save either Horatio or Tripp. That would be funny.
Dr Who is always good for a laugh...and how about Capt Jack Harkness who can never die...ever! So there he is,lying in the morgue and he comes back to life, or maybe when H is crouching next to him... :eek: :eek: :eek:
I's time they called the BAU in though, they have more serial killers than the average city. :lol: :lol:
Your right they do have too many serial killers even for a city that size. Maybe on the last episode we will find out that Stetler commited all the serial killings.

Who or what is the BAU? I have never heard that term before.
Myself I'd like to see a Miami/NCIS. Mainly just to see the power struggle between Gibbs & Horatio. Plus to see if H picks up any of Gibbs habits & vice versa. LOL Can you imagine H slapping someone on the back of the head or Gibbs with shades & that Horatio stance? Uh naw. LOL
I would love to see Gibbs and Horatio fight argue over jurisdiction. If Horatio were to smack someone in the back of the head, it would probably Ryan. It would be interesting to see Gibbs flirt with Calleigh. I could see them togeather. I would love to see the CSI:Miami teams reaction to Ziva. I think that how you spell her name. I could see Eric attracted to her. Ryan would probably be scared of her. I would love to see Erica Sykes try to manipulate Gibbs. That is one show down I would love. Could you imagine the NCIS director trying to deal with Gibbs and Horatio. :lol: