Potential Season Six Crossover Partners


Police Officer
Does anyone else ever watch another show and think it would be great to have it crossover with Miami? Tell us what shows you would like to be involved in a crossover with Miami. They don't have to be a CBS show or an old show.

My list includes:
1) The original CSI show.
4) Shark
5) Ghost Whisperer
6) Numbers
7) Medium
:cool: Supernatural
9) Cane (It looks like it should be good.)

Now it is your turn.
I think it would be good to do a big crossover with a few shows, like there could be a huge accident in Miami, and then they show people in the ER, with the doctors from ER!

And someone could go missing so they use the Without A Trace cast, and the person ends up dead in NY or Vegas, so another CSI show could be involved!
Hehe, I've always thought it would be funny if Horatio had to duel with Clark Kent. Let's see him handle Superman- Super H vs Superman. :lol:

So, Smallville. Of course, I'd also like to see a crossover with a mediine show- as in maybe a serial killer is on a rampage and the cast of, say, House, has to tend to victims while the Miami team chases the killer and solves the cases. It could be a two hour special. Miami really needs something to boost it right not, whether it be a good, well written, well played out storyline, or a crossover. (Or I'd settle for the old H back. :D)
that'd be a hoot, CAINESUGAR! H vs. superman. I bet they would make H win. I always thought they needed to crossover w/ without a trace or even better Criminal Minds, they fly to where their needed so i could see them having to come to Miami to help get into the brain of a killer or something. i dunno, i kinda favor w/out a trace, tho, like ,huge, tho , where maybe one of the csi's goes missing & they have to help. Plus i think Cal would look cute w/ that guy, is his name, Martin? that'd be a cute match up!!
How about the blond from Without a Trace with Frank Tripp? That would give Frank a temporary girlfriend. I would like to see Vivien have a nice chat with H about racing through buildings that are about to explode. :lol:
Ghost Whisperer: Melinda Gordon can talk to the ghosts of Speed and Marisol.
NCIS: Jethro Gibbs can headslap Ryan, Abby can help Valera in the lab, and Ducky and Alexx can talk to corpses together.
Miami Vice: Sonny Crockett can give the CSIs fashion advice.
NYPD Blue: Andy Sipowicz retires to Miami and notices a red-haired CSI who resembles an old partner.
CSI and CSI:NY: A three-way crossover when the CSIs meet for a national convention, maybe in Orlando. Grissom gets to ride the coasters at Disney World and Universal Studios.
Grey's Anathomy may be?
I just love that show!
My other favourite show apart from CSI Miami.

But it would be kinda difficult to mixed the two shows...even though they can come up with whatever they want so it could be possible...I dont see it happening tho.

It would be easier with Cold Case...Lily Rush could be working on an ,old murder that has conection to one H is investigatin, right?
If they ever have a crossover with Without a Trace, I want Stetler to be the suspect in the disappearance of Horatio. The female members of Without A Trace can interogate him after they find out how he abused Yelena. Horatio would of course be alive and well.
I think that is what most fans would like. If what you read is true, the Las Vegas actors aren't for it. I thought I read that David Caruso was for it. David Caruso is suppose to be one of the biggest fans of CSI:Miami as well as being one of its stars. He is probably the best ally the fans have.
i think i've heard from Corey Miller that a vegas/miami crossover would not be likely in the future because the vegas cast felt like miami spun off the series too fast. i think that was his polite way of saying that theres some bitterness there within some of the cast. to me thats ok, i personally like the way H & Mac interact anyway! note that grissom didnt go to miami in the first episode! hmm, makes ya wonder!
I read an article in tv guide that had the actors who play Greg, Danny, and Eric. I think the one that plays Greg didn't have a problem with a crossover with the others. Maybe he can go to Miami or New York on a vacation and be a witness to a crime. They could leave the rest of the Las Vegas cast out of it. I wonder how Mac would react to Greg?