Poetry, Anyone?

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  1. SandleDL

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    May 3, 2007
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    Great, I thought I could only post fanfic poetry here! I love writing poems, mainly to express things I need to say but can't say aloud, and sometimes just because the words came into my mind. So here are some of my poems:


    Burn the Evidence

    Burn the evidence of my existence
    Spread my ashes down the pale white cliffs
    Sweet surrender to the fierce force of the bitter wind
    Prey of the tossing water far below
    Follow the tumbling pieces with your eyes
    See me vanish at the horizon
    And say goodbye for one last time
    Nature's force will finally take me
    Somewhere I'd never thought I'd go
    So turn around and walk away
    From where my journey started one last time...



    Lonesome all the same

    I can’t explain why I just don‘t
    Confide in anyone I know
    You’ve never done me any harm
    It’s just my fear I cannot show
    I try so hard to trust in you
    But my efforts are all in vain
    On the outside I seem perfect
    But inside I go insane
    All the pain and all this suffering
    I just don’t want to feel no more
    And after all the desperate nights
    I made a promise and I swore
    I swore to never in my life
    Depend on anyone but me
    It worked alright, that’s what I thought
    But now I see the misery
    You’re all around me and you’re smiling
    I laugh at you, I hear my name
    But even though I’m not alone
    I’m lonesome all the same
  2. MiaCharlize

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Thoese poems are both pretty, Sandle. I really like the way you capture the mood with your words. Please share more.

    Same goes for everyone else who comes here, I'd hate for the thread to get lost again :p
  3. SandleDL

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    May 3, 2007
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    Thanks MiaCharlize! I really like your poem, not only because of the context but also because of the perfect style.
    You want more, you'll get it! ;) I prefer my German poems, but there are some English ones I like, too, so here are some more:

    another sad one

    A cold Winter’s Night

    The cold wind is blowing
    Freezing my face
    My skin is like ice
    Crystals frozen on the surface
    Darkness embraces me
    I’m kissed by the night
    Walk down the road
    No lights to guide the way
    I don’t know where I’m going
    Or where I come from
    The warmth has been captured
    Behind the windows far away
    I used to reach for it
    Now the longing is gone
    Replaced by indifference
    Towards all that I’ve known
    It’s senseless
    It’s not worth the tears
    So I don’t cry
    I don’t scream
    As I stand here alone



    Mission accomplished?
    We aren’t the ones who may decide
    About what is wrong or right
    We’re told it isn’t our task
    To doubt and mistrust and to ask

    But tell me who but us should get
    The task to doubt and ask instead
    The ones who only wait and pray
    Well, those are guilty anyway...


    no, I wasn't depressed...


    Maybe I’m gonna drop myself a line
    Just to gain some reassurance
    Just to have someone who understands
    But as I read the words I realize
    That even I don’t know me anymore
    Maybe I should burn the letter
    Give up contact with this stranger I once knew
    But maybe one day soon
    We’ll meet again
    And won’t be strangers anymore...

  4. never_again

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    Mar 27, 2007
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    ^^ Those are good :D I don't think I could write a poem in French yet, even though I've been learning it (albeit very slowly) for four years.

    Hi, I'm Jenny, b.t.w. :D

    Mystical Land

    Twisted brambles snaring,
    Sweet innocent souls.
    Steeling my heart forever,
    Locked up in tales of old.

    A knight in shining armour,
    Mutes the dragon's roar.
    Shadows whisper secrets,
    The land destroyed by war.

    Look into the future,
    The misty dark unknown.
    Crippled by the burden,
    Of all the things I'm shown.

    Starless nights are calling,
    Escape is on my mind.
    Always epic legends,
    But morals I can't find.

    The Spider

    Silence falls, blinding eyes,
    Spider web catching,
    Forged in lies.

    Widow prowls from blood soaked lair,
    Leave no trace,
    Prey unaware.

    Softly, softly, she works alone,
    Fangs dripping venom,
    Turned to stone.

    I've written quite a few poems, my friend 'introduced' me to it, it's a completely different way of expressing myself than anything else, ie. drawing. I really like it, although I totaly need more practice!
  5. SandleDL

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    May 3, 2007
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    Jenny, don't tell me you need more practise, those poems are awesome! Especially the first one, love it! I remember that I tried writing a French poem once, but that was too difficult although I'd been learning it for a few years. It's the same with Spanish. English is the only foreign language I can really use to express myself. (Actually it's even easier to express my feelings in English than in German, don't know why, but it's true...)

    Here's another one, I think it's a bit strange somehow, the idea came to my mind during an English lesson and I don't know why these words were suddenly in my head, all I knew was that I had to write them down *lol* It's about how sucide shouldn't be last resort... how the hell did this come to my mind?!... Anyways, just read.

    At the Boundary of Life and Death
    (A Glimpse at the Other Side)

    So here we are
    At the border to the Other Side
    Just one step away
    From where you want to go
    But is this really what you want?
    It’s up to you, you must decide.

    Look at the dark, ice-cold water
    Of the River of Grief
    It carries the tears that you have cried
    For all the times that you have lied
    And makes you stroll along its side

    Look at the rotten brown leaves
    Of the Tree of Guilt
    Each leaf is something you regret
    Something you never will forget
    And which will haunt you till you’re dead

    Look at the black-feathered wings
    Of the Birds of Despair
    They’ll never leave, won’t go away
    They’ll hide above at night and day
    And wait to make your pains their prey.

    And now you’re crying, feeling guilty
    You’re desperate to find something just to ease the pain
    So leave this place, you don’t belong here,
    And if you stay here any longer, you will surely go insane
    Someday you will return for stay
    And you will see
    That the River’s run dry
    The Tree is all green
    And the black-feathered Birds have flown away.
  6. MiaCharlize

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    I feel the exact same way, German just doesn't flow that well I guess... I rarely write in German and if I do it's mostly humorous stuff. True poetry has always been English for me, it just sounds more graceful.

    Lovely poems by the way, both of you.
  7. csi_love

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    Nov 23, 2006
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    Hey, I'm new to this thread but I thought I might share some of my poetry:

    Secrets Best Kept
    I found her lost in a bottle of cheap alcohol.
    And I’ll admit I love love loved her.
    My best(kept) friend, the one I needed
    sat prettily on her shelf.
    I ached to take her down and hold her
    like I loved her more than she ever loved me.
    But really I couldn’t love anyone like that.
    So how can you look at me like you know all my secrets?


    I’m scribbling questions to you all over my skin.
    The tattered remains of you and me running down my arms,
    the ink spilling onto my hands. This is all I have left
    to remind me to ask: ‘Do you hate me?’
    and ‘Do you regret what happened?’
    Because I don’t.
    And I’m still waiting for your answers.
    But you say, ‘A kiss is just a kiss is just a kiss.’

    I'll leave it at that for now but I write a lot so I might post more another time. You all seem to write decent poetry by the way :)
  8. Jorja_Rain

    Jorja_Rain Lab Technician

    Nov 12, 2006
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    Mia: Love your poem, d'uh :p

    So, here are some of mine:


    How can something so right
    Sometimes feel so wrong
    Two people that share
    A passion so strong

    How am I ever
    Supposed to see through
    This pain will not fade
    Am I sure I want you?

    I remember those days
    When you kissed me with glee
    Took my hand into yours
    Said you'd only need me

    Please tell me what's happened
    Between me and you
    Is this all that we'll get
    Just what did we do?

    I wish you could see
    What's happened tonight
    I've made up my mind
    Pray my decision is right

    I know I will never
    Be able to forget
    The things we have shared
    But might I feel regret?

    I'm sure I will find
    Someone to replace
    But no matter what
    I would still see your face

    For so long a time
    I have called upon you
    To tell me what's right
    And what not to do

    Maybe it's time
    For me to let go
    Decide for myself
    Whom to turn to.



    Her voice- liquid silk soothing her pain
    Her scent- unobtrusively inebriating her senses
    Her mouth- gently whispering terms of endearment
    Her body- strength and softness unified as one
    Her mind- providing a safe heaven amidst her confusion
    Her eyes- oceans of blue forever catching her fall
  9. Comte

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    Apr 29, 2006
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    Wow...U guys are amazing...
    I didn't know we had so many poets amongst our midst...
    Brilliant poems...

    *I suddenly feel stupid cos i can't really write any poetry myself..Reading it,i excel in..LOL*
  10. Jorja_Rain

    Jorja_Rain Lab Technician

    Nov 12, 2006
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    Holding on

    She wanted to run
    Away from herself
    Escape her sick mind
    Find peace someplace else

    How could she ask
    Him to never give in
    When she herself
    Felt doubts deep within

    What did she want
    She just couldn't say
    Whatever it was
    It was far far away

    She knew this wasn't the place
    For her to be in
    She had to stay strong
    Be faithful to him

    How could she let
    Him down just like that
    When she still felt
    He was all that she had
  11. Imperfect

    Imperfect Police Officer

    Jun 13, 2006
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    ^^ nice poem

    Me, the fourteen year old slut

    The phone rings in the dead of night
    A call I've been expecting
    I answer hoping no one got woken
    It's one of my friends

    I slip on my mini skirt
    And tubetop with lace on the bottom
    Put on red lipstick, blue eyeshadow
    Check my purse, I've got what I need

    I sneak down the stairs
    Open the window and climb out
    My boyfriend's car is parked out back
    I crawl in, ask if the beer's still in the back

    We go to a club, our fake IDs work yet again
    They say we're 21, not 14
    I breathe in the smoky air
    This is how I like it

    I light up a cigerette
    and finish my fifth beer
    I'm pulled out on the dance floor
    and start making out with a random chick

    It's now three AM
    And we go to meet the dealer
    I'm getting low on coke, but can't afford more
    So I take him to the alley and let him do me

    I don't care as long as I get my high
    I need it to survive
    My boyfriend and I go to his car
    We leave the top down

    I'm giving my body for the second time tonight
    I let him sink into me
    Knowing that if I didn't
    He would anyways

    Our music's so loud
    I'm in a threesome of drunken sex
    Rolling in the backseat
    I don't know who's driving

    And it happened so fast
    First the lights and then the crash
    The car collided with another one
    And everyone was screaming

    I'm too high to notice
    That everyone's running
    That I'm laying next to a dead body
    I never knew the police were coming

    They found me in the backseat
    Of my dead boyfriend's car
    Laying there naked
    Grinning up cause I'm so drunk and high

    Next thing I know I'm in a cell
    Bars in front of me
    Walls behind me
    Unfriendly glares all around me

    I don't care to think about
    my parents
    my sisters
    All their dissapiontment

    I don't even think about my poor boyfriend
    Or where my friends are
    I don't realise they left me
    The only thought I have is

    Damn, I lost my best shoes

    well i just wrote that so yeah. ohh, and it is not about me in the slightest
  12. MiaCharlize

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Imperfect, that's, umm, interesting ;)

    Here's one of mine:

    (More of a sonxtext actually, that's why the meter seems a little weird on first read :p )

    She doesn't know what's right
    and no, she doesn't
    doesn't really want to care
    But the more she,
    the more she tries to understand it
    She just knows that certain things will never make sense

    So she cries, just a little
    when she lies in bed at night
    and she dies, on the inside
    for what more is there to try
    oh, she cries
    cries on the inside
    and she likes
    to feel the tears dry on her skin

    Sometimes she wonders
    Yeah, she wonders
    wonders what there is to live for
    But then the darkness,
    then the darkness comes and takes her in
    And then she knows that she will never understand

    So she cries, just a little
    When she's waiting for another day
    And she dies on the inside
    Fof what else is there to try
    Oh, she cries
    cries on the inside
    and she breaks
    as her tears fall, hitting the ground

    Oh she cries
    cries on the inside
    and she dies
    all alone
  13. gsrLOVE

    gsrLOVE Pathologist

    Feb 20, 2007
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    This is kind of long, forgive me.

    Not right

    You glanced at me,
    you smiled,
    touched my arm,
    called me sweety,
    called me your love.

    you do that to every girl,
    it's not just me you're thinking of,
    and you know how I feel,
    as if it was what you wanted,
    it was what I wanted,
    but it's not right.

    you call her your love,
    and you touch her arm,
    you smile towards them,
    and joke with them,
    it's not right.

    I guess life can take a turn,
    when you meet someone so graceful,
    so happy and joyous,
    someone who will make you laugh and smile,
    if only for that one second,
    to brighten your day, and make your emotions run wild.
    it's simply not right.

    I fall asleep at night,
    after hearing your voice,
    and I wonder,
    why can't it be like this everynight?

    You won't answer your phone, and you won't talk to me,
    instead you smile to her,
    and talk to her,
    call her babe, and touch her arm,
    except you make a few bold moves,
    ones to through jealousy in my face.

    Don't put your arm around her,
    and don't touch her hair,
    don't squeeze her shoulder,
    please tell me why you started this.

    i'm not in love,
    i'm not in lust,
    i've got a crush,
    and i feel like a school girl,
    giggling at the sound of your voice,
    but why does it feel so good to have you near,
    when you're only going to vanish again,
    and touch her, smile, and call her your love.

    it makes me feel good,
    and it's not right.
  14. Jorja_Rain

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    Nov 12, 2006
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    Great work, everyone. :)

    Here's another one of mine, just wrote in in class today:

    Trembling hands, holding you near,
    Trembling lips, speaking of fear.
    Your gaze on my hands, on my lips, and I pray,
    Your gaze on her face, and I know you will stray.
  15. csi_love

    csi_love Police Officer

    Nov 23, 2006
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    She has small hands like her mother.
    She stretches them out to remind her.
    And there in the frozen lake,
    The reflection of her own face.
    They weren’t so alike.
    But in the right light…

    She left with her mother’s ashes.
    Ironic words “Don’t play with matches.”
    Her burnt fingers never learn.
    All the bad things never burn.
    Twisting the words
    Until they are unheard.

    She had green eyes; her mother’s blue.
    Wouldn’t see the resemblance unless you knew.
    And the burn on her right hand,
    An accident with a frying pan.
    Understand? You might not.
    But it’s all that she’s got.

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