Photos #6 - Lights, Camera, 'Snap'!

Awesome pic with Spongebob Meg :)

I found my camera that's been missing for years in my basement the other day. It didn't work :( But I was able to put the pictures from the memory card onto my computer :) So I have a few to share with you.

This is me and my sisters at a festival thing we went to a few years back

Me and my cousin Maxine :)

Well okay, it's the back of my head but this was neat anyway. The guy in the car is Chris Phillips, Number 4 for the Ottawa Senators. We got signatures from a few of the players. Note that this was right before they left for Anaheim for the Stanley Cup finals.

Me in the winter :D Found that jacket in the basement too :p
Love everyones pics they are really cool.

Me recently when i'm not looking drunk.

This is after i just had my hair cut at new hairdressers, only had inch off but got slightly protective of hair.

And this is when we went to torture garden and event in Brighton. I was in fancy dress ish i couldnt pin point outfit but we did clockwork orange is makeup on me and i wore a bowler hat.
Wow, some gorgeous ladies on talkCSI!

You all look great. it's good to see who I've been communicating with on these forums. Keep them coming!
Axelsonfire your pictures are great! :D

Dawni, that's an awesome look with the makeup and hat!

Marns, nice!!

Steph you always look so happy in your pictures :D Can't wait for Sept when I can see you in the flesh!

Kimbo, I love the colour splash pics! Great job!

tootes, your photos are cool! I love the last one, it made me laugh!

Criminologist, you're very pretty!
Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my pics. :D Aww Carrie you look lovely, both with long and short hair, hehe and like you I'm really looking forward to our meet in September. :D