Photos #6 - Lights, Camera, 'Snap'!

Well, these are really random but I'm going to post them anyway:

This was a picture my friend took on her laptop. I'm the one with the peace fingers and the tongue sticking out :lol: We are very random people when bored.

This one is another pic of me and some of my friends at lunch. The one I have my arm around is my best friend :) and there's a guy in the back on the other side of the table who's a CSI fan, but not on this site... Sorry bout the blurriness :lol:
i have a pic of me at take that at wembley last week - i have the compulsory take that logo/mark's name and a heart scrawled on my face in eyeliner - i may be in my 30s but i can still behave like a teenaged fan :) i'm a bit pink and my shades take up most of the shot, and it's not entirely flattering because of the angle but hey ho...

Fab pics as ever!

speed_cochrane, I love the haircut!

Amb, great pic, the shades are cool :D

Axelsonfire...bored people can be fun people! Especially when they take random pics and post them online :thumbsup:

Hannah, that's a great picture. Wow! You and Tara are both beautiful!

Lisa, that's a great shot!! Would make a fab myspace or bebo profile pic :lol:
Criminologist, lovely pic! I like your smile :D

FallenforFlack, you and your daughter look so happy! Really sweet pic!

SunsetB, nice emo pic :D Your hair is lovely!

Roka, cool pic! Your're in Ecuador there?

CSISenna, that looks like so much fun!! Reminds me of good times at Calaway Park with my family :D.
Thanks egeria, but I was actually in Beirut, Lebanon there, in front of a building with some Ecuadorian services.

No one else is posting pics anymore! :(