Photos #6 - Lights, Camera, 'Snap'!


From the old thread here

I hope the mods don't mind me posting/starting this but I was checking out the latest pics and noticed that we've reached 1000 posts ;)

I' looking forward to seeing your pics guys :D

Mods you can close this and open your own if you want- same applies with the title ;)
Katie, you don't look like a bitch at all.
Distraction, you scared me! But made up for it showing that second picture :)

Here's one for you:

*CLICKY* - this is Lizzy, Eva & me. We met on talk :)
Roosey said:
Distraction, you scared me! But made up for it showing that second picture :)

Haha, I was hoping for a bit of a reaction, at least. (; I had fun with photoshop on that one - I really like the outcome, but now people are protesting when I have it as my display picture on MSN. Haha!

I love seeing the faces behind the names! :) It's neat that you guys met on Talk and met up. I haven't met any netfriends yet, but I really want to.

Me in action - I love drawing<3
allmaple, interesting pics. I just wonder if you had to climb for your forest-trip or do you go climbing more ofen?
Just asking, because I´m keen on climbing. :)
oh im not a climber :lol: the crippling fear of heights would get in the way. one of the touristy things in costa rica is the zip line tours through the rainforests, so i sucked it up and had a really good time. my mom was actually more nervous than i was about being so high up!
Geni says she couldn't recognize me, that I look different/ :wtf:

So, here are two photos of me. One just of me and some friends and another of me from a promotional photo from the show I'm in, "West Side Story."

Promotional photo (I'm in the pink shirt on the right *blinks*)

Friends photo (Im on the left)