Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

WOW! Great Job Queen!!! - that ones so cool

Hey maybe I should get into this maniping business lol..

I'll see what I come up with and share later......
queen, this is indeed an awesome manip *two thumbs up* :)

Still we have a tiny little request - not only for you but for every artist in here.

Please keep the PG-13 rule in mind that's applying for this board. The manip is still in the line and we won't remove it, no worries, but it's already stretching the rule a bit ;)
If you have any further questions/concerns etc. about this, feel free to pm either DragonflyDreamer or myself, we won't bite :D
Thanks! :)
Hey Everyone,

Wow, great manips here! Dingbat, Wojo and OMG... Queen! OMG!!! I'll say it again! Hahahaha Great job everyone!

Here are two of H&C from one of my Fanfics. I need to keep my Ship Alive during the strike and thank God it is over now. Anyway I knew where they both were. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Enjoy! :devil: :devil: :devil:

HCrazy :D
Oh wow!! :D :D Those were so gorgeaus! :) I can always count on you, HCrazy to make me smile with all the DuCaine goodness. :) And those pics are a great distraction from all the studying. :p

Fab work everyone, loving all the art! :)
Great work Hcrazy! :)

I played around with some pictures too, here are the results:

Ryan Wolfe aka:

and the Even Newer Adventures of Sara & Greg ;) :