Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Hey Everyone,

Great Manips! :D

Okay time to add Horatio & Calleigh again! :eek: :eek: :eek:

Enjoy DuCaine! :devil: :lol:

These are from my current FF. ;) You can see more on my website. Link in my profile.

Those are gorgeous HCrazy, I love the top one, so stunning and beautiful. ;) :D You always do such wonderful manips.
Hey Loving thanks! :D You know me- DuCaine all the way! :p

Hey Adorelo- You did it! Yayyyyyyyy! Very nice job on that manip. ;) Great animation too. Great teamwork. :D

HCrazy :cool:
well done MiaCharlize! I know I said so on the shipper thread but I'm sure you don't mind me saying so again. Love Nick & Greg! :D

queen ,loved your snickers manip too. Not my ship of choice but It made me smile :)
adorelo said:
Hey there :) I ahve a gift :D

Okies, I did the manip, and CalleighD did the animation; so many thanks to her and her wonderful talent!

Animation - by CalleighD

manip - by me :)

Let me know what you think? I'ts my first proper one after months and months of messing around.

Jodie xx

Heyy I was wondering when you'd post it here :) I'll say it again, the manip never ceases to amaze me.
^^ And your animation NEVER ceases to amaze me! We make a good team, we should do it more often.

Great manips everyone :) I'm impressed!

By the way LeAnne, with your icon and your banner, it looks like Natalia's watching Eric and Calleigh make out :lol:. Just thought I'd mention that.