Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Hey Speedsdaughter, :D

Thanks so much! :D No bowing necessary, I just adore these two together and the idea came from my fanfic. Then the search began of Horatio wearing a tie and I remembered, "Simple Man". :p I just maniped a hand and fit it to our Calleigh with that great look of hers and presto! :devil:

She is gently pulling on his tie. :D :D :D

I know! I Know! :lol: I so much need to get a life!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Never!!! I LOVE H&C and this is all just too much fun!

I am glad you like them and even more happy to know I made you smile.

HCrazy :cool:
melbel, please add more content to your posts in the future. One or two word posts can be seen as spamming.
yeah okay.
they are great.

hey if i can get some pics together can someone make me a banner for my new story on here called T-girl, past and future
A fellow Nick & Greg shipper had a dream about Greg being a merman, so I was inspired to create this manip - I did it drawing style but with a real underwater scene as background.


*inspired by QOTU*

That is Hilarious, I wish I had that kind of talent, too fricken funny :lol: :lol: :lol:

HCrazy, awesome manips, love em

great job everyone, some major talent here :)
queen, brilliant! And Greg as Pugsley! :lol:
Great work, and welcome to the Art Forum :)

melbel, if you got the pics you can go ahead and place your request ;)
LOL, queen, you should have put Lindsay's head on the baby ;)

Wojo, you merman Greg is awsome :D Love both the background and the drawn body, fits perfectly.

Great ideas.
OMG!!! that is so hott, I love it. Wow, for your first, that is very well done, hope you don't mind if I snag it :lol: :lol: very lovely, or should I say sexy :devil:
Queen that is one of the funniest manips I've seen in ages. :lol:

Wouldn't mind finding Wojo's work of art at the local pool either. :D