NCIS: Los Angeles

Tonight's ep was great.

Callen, Sam and the paper animals. :lol:

Callen: Is that a frog?
Sam: No, it's a swan.
Callen: Doesn't look like a swan.

Callen: Is that a wing?
Sam: Yes, it's a wing.
Callen: Why are there three of them?
Sam: There aren't three; that one is the tail.
Callen: I didn't know swans had tails. :guffaw:

I totally thought Sam was gonna haul off and hit Callen because Callen was doing that on purpose to annoy Sam. :lol:


Eric and the facebook milestone. :lol:

Sam: What's code for smacking you with a flip-flop? :lol:

Kensi was funny in this ep too.

Haddy complaining about Callen getting blood on the white shirt. "From now on, your dress code is black." :lol: Then Callen leaves a note on the shirt he used that says "no blood stains" or something like that. :lol:
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This episode was awesome. I too could've sworn that Sam was gonna hit or shoot Callen... though I love that Hetty called it a duck too at the end. :lol:

I love this team so much for the way they talk to each other. :D
Ok I confess I'm shallowly hooked to the humor and the Charas chemistry on this show :lol: no matter if they screw up an epi I'll keep watching...

Knew he wasn't the bad guy (used by enough other shows ...) but it was nice to see G's empathy to the guy and his touchy feely reactions to Nate 'cause of his own background.

Like Hetty's way of snark but still pep talking to team members who need it.

And yay for G's "No Blood" note and Kensi's late night :lol:
I am completely in love with this show, after what I've seen so far of it! I love the lightheartedness of it, and at the same time how they manage not to go too overboard with it.

The paper animals bit is probably my favourite scene so far... poor Sam! :guffaw:
I think that part of why I'm enjoying it so much is the lack of dark history that most shows end up accumulating. I'm sure in a few seasons time there'll be so much backstory and darkness to deal with that it won't be quite so easy on the brain, but for now i'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride!
Tonight's episode was good!

I love that Nate seems to be afraid of Hetty. He cracks me up. But it's also nice to see his assessment of Vance with the assassin.

Sam and Callen continue to crack me up. I love this team's relationships with each other. :D

Nice to see Kathleen Munroe. I like her. :D

It's also great to see Abby in this show as well, but for some reason, her lab didn't really look like her lab. Unless I'm going crazy, which is also entirely possible. :lol:

Awesome episode. :D
Nate: Do you think she heard me?
Sam: Probably. :lol:

They were all really messing with Dom. Poor guy. :lol:

Abby and Eric are cute. :lol:

Hey, it's Flack's sister. :lol:

Kensi: They're going all married couple on us.
Nate: They're kissing?
Kensi: Fighting, Nate; they're fighting. :lol:

Uh-oh! Dom lost the button. Hetty's gonna be so angry! :lol:

The Sam/Callen talk about the RV/boat was funny.

I guess there's no new ep next week? :(
Last Tuesday's episode was the best it was great!:D
I don't know if you guys took this the same way but it seemed like Kensi did not like the secret agent.
Hetty was awesome telling Kensi she could take her.
For me overall the episode was amazing:D

AN LAPD INVESTIGATION OF A MURDERED WOMAN UNCOVERS A LINK TO CALLEN AND THE SHOOTING THAT ALMOST ENDED HIS LIFE, ON "NCIS: LOS ANGELES," TUESDAY, NOV. 10 "Pushback" - Following the murder of a Russian woman, the NCIS team uncovers evidence that answers who and why Callen was shot six months ago, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Tuesday, Nov. 10 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


NCIS Special Agent
G. Callen............................... Chris O'Donnell
NCIS Special Agent
Sam Hanna................................. LL COOL J
Henrietta "Hetty"
Lange........................................... Linda Hunt
Operational Psychologist
Nate Getz................................. Peter Cambor
NCIS Special Agent
Kensi Blye ............................... Daniela Ruah
NCIS Special Agent
Dominic Vail .................... Adam Jamal Craig

NCIS Director
Leon Vance......................Rocky Carroll

Tech Operator
Eric Beal.............................Barrett Foa


Arkady Kolcheck................Vyto Ruginis
John Cole/Ethan Stanhope.....Charles Esten
Max Tyrus........................Gregory Sims
Teddy Morgan............Andrew Rothenberg
Tanner.......................Andre M. Johnson
Jax...................................Dylan Kenin
Young Callen..............Kyle Michael Dietz
Hannil Rostoff...................Liisa Evastina

DIRECTED BY: Paris Barclay

WRITTEN BY: Shane Brennan

Pictures of next two episodes here:
The list for People's Choice Award nomination is out and NCIS: Los Angeles is up for Best New TV Drama. I've been enjoying this show since it season premiere. I hope it does well :)
Last week's ep:

Yeah, I think Kensi didn't like that agent flirting with Callen. :lol: Apparently he didn't like it either. haha.

"How long did they let you wear the floaties?" :lol:

"You cannot use the word connundrum before 9:30, Hetty." :lol:

Stay-cation. :D

Callen: Well, if you're natural, I'm supernatural. :lol:
Sam: That doesn't even make sense. :lol:

:lol: Loved when Eric and Dom got busted watching those girls on the computer.

The guy that played Gunny played Alaistair (or one of the Alaistairs anyway) on Supernatural.

"He can do thing to you that make water boarding feel like a spongebath."

Loved Hetty saying Kensi could take the lady agent.

"Take her out to dinner then take Sam the next night. You know how he gets." :lol:

Loved the Callen/Kensi hand holding thing. Cute.

So Callen dated a cop and something happened to her?


This week's ep:

Nate trying to scoot up in Hettys little chair and computer table was funny.

Kensi to Sam about him and Callen: How long have you two been married? :guffaw:

The end made a few tears come to my eyes.
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I really enjoy this show.

I like the interactions between the team.

Sam and Callen, I love their chemistry and friendship.

I think Callen and Kensi have cute chemistry in their scenes.
Sam drinking Hetty's tea...the look on Callen's face when he is preparing the tea was funny

Nate sitting at Hetty's desk....that was too cute

I like Kensi...I think I like her more with Callen

41 seconds...that was too funny

I love the way Sam & Callen play off of each other. They are awesome

Did I mention how much I love their car...I want a challenger
NCIS:Los Angeles 2010 storylines coming up.

Meanwhile in sunny L.A., “a shocking arc with a massive twist” will launch in early 2010 that will deeply impact LL Cool J’s Sam Hanna and not be resolved until May. “It will involve a man from his past,” hints Brennan. As for Chris O’Donnell’s Callen, the reopening of a cold case will reunite him with a woman he fell in love with (but lied to) five years earlier during an undercover gang infiltration. Similarly, Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) will reveal something about her (up till now) unseen father – the truth of which her teammates come to question.

I can't wait for the storylines;)
Eric is smitten with Abby. The two are so cute together. I'm officially shipping them now. :lol: I loved his little smile when he saw her first enter the room when she first got there. Total cuteness.

I love it when Kensi and Callen go undercover together. Loved them playing the divorcing couple. So funny.

The scene where Callen and Sam both started talking at the same time and Kensi had to flip a coin, too funny.

Anyone know what is going on with Kensi's eye though? It looks like one eye is part blue and part brown, but I can't tell for sure if it's that or if there's just some kind of injury to the one eyeball.