NCIS #4: *Slap* Nobody Likes A Smartass

Since my computer at home is temproarily kaput, I am a day late in wishing Pauley Perrette a happy birthday. Besides playing Abby on NCIS and its spinoff, she appeared in an episode of CSI as Candeece/Pink Hair in "Lady Heather's Box".
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'NCIS': Cote de Pablo
Ziva's boyfriend and season-ending serial killer arc -- EXCLUSIVE

The April 5 episode of CBS’ NCIS has been a long time coming for “Tiva” fans. We’ll finally meet Ziva’s CIA boyfriend Ray, played by Without a Trace‘s Enrique Murciano. “You never know if you’re gonna have chemistry, and since I had no say in the casting, I was sort of waiting to meet this famous Enrique Murciano,” Cote de Pablo says. “I had actually researched him. I looked him up on Google. I got as much information as I could. And then when I met him, it was kind of instant. We hit it off. He’s from Miami, I’m from Miami. He had me laughing immediately, and I’m a sucker for laughter, so that was it.” Wait. Back up. She really Googled him? “Ohmygod, I so Googled him,” she laughs.

The actress says we’ll see a new side to Ziva when Ray arrives in town. “There’s a lovely scene in which he basically brings his interpretation of ‘fancy’ candlelight dinner, which takes place by the vending machines at NCIS. It’s really funny. There’s kissing involved. We kept it light and we kept it fun, and we kept it like two people who are genuinely in to each other and wanting to move things along. It’s about what’s going on between the lines. These two people are touchy-feely, and that’s different for Ziva.” Does this dinner get interrupted by Tony (Michael Weatherly)? “Oh no. Tony has nothing to do with this dinner. He doesn’t come. He doesn’t surprise us. He doesn’t just walk in,” de Pablo says with mock exasperation. “It’s just between Ray and I, and it’s a scene in which I believe he’s going to say something to Ziva that he hasn’t said before.”

So Ray, who makes his appearance right as Tony’s shower buddy E.J. (Sarah Jane Morris) returns to lead the investigation of a port-to-port killer, is keeping something from Ziva? “Halfway through the show, and after that very tender, loving scene, she discovers that he has a little secret that he hasn’t told her that has to do with the port-to-port killer case. It throws everything up in the air, and it causes a lot of friction between them and a big blow out,” de Pablo says. “I think Ray is a good guy. I think he makes a mistake, and Ziva has a lot of issues, trust issues in particular. Somewhere along the line, they’re going to have to have a longer chat about what happens in this particular episode. Things don’t end very well, that’s all I can say about that.”

As for how Ziva and E.J. will be getting along, de Pablo says Ziva won’t trust her. “Aside from the fact that Tony and E.J. are having a full-blown little affair on the side, Ziva doesn’t quite know why she doesn’t like her. It’s not only professional. Things are confusing Ziva. But at the same time, she’s happy with Ray.” And how does Tony handle the presence of the man he likes to call CI-Ray? “I know that they have had a really interesting scene in the bathroom,” de Pablo teases. “I always laugh about it: The best scenes always happen in the most inappropriate places on NCIS. It’s when the characters can have some ‘alone time,’ and get into the nitty-gritty of whatever it is that’s going on emotionally with them. They have one of those scenes, and I’ve heard it’s really, really good.” So not well, in other words. De Pablo has warned Murciano that some fans may not take to Ray because they’re devoted to the idea of “Tiva,” but, she says, “The great thing about Enrique is he’s got this attitude like, ‘Just wait till they meet me.’ He’s a confident guy, and I love that.”

As TV’s No. 1 drama, which always shakes things up in its season finales, moves closer to the end of year eight, de Pablo says the cast has been kept in the dark about the final hour. “We know that it has something to do with the port-to-port killer. We know that something awful is gonna go down, like always. And we’re all deathly terrified,” she says. “It’s funny because if you were to ask any of us, ‘Do you feel stress’ or ‘Do you feel tensions are rising,’ everyone will say the same thing — no. But everyone is dealing with it differently. Some people are really tired, some people have body aches. Some people are just looking forward to a couple weeks of vacation. We may not be aware it’s a stressful situation, but we’re all going through it in our own way,” she says. And how was she coping when we caught up to her recently? “I’m just trying to enjoy every day because you never know what can happen. Today, before I left the show, I was making paper planes. Someone said I didn’t know how to make one. The first one I made, I have to say, kinda sucked. But then, the second one was absolutely fantastic and it blew all the other ones out of the water. Mine flew the farthest. That was a good day for me,” she laughs. “So that’s how I’m dealing with high levels of unconscious stress.”
`NCIS' star Perrette makes music with Navy veteran
Apr 1, 6:13 AM (ET)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - "NCIS" star Pauley Perrette met a new music partner on the show's set, but it took a church visit for the pair to see their potential.

The result is "Fire in Your Eyes," an R&B-pop duet with Perrette and B. Taylor, a Navy veteran with a fledgling recording career. The single is set for iTunes release May 3 by Universal Music Group's Bungalo Records, Taylor's spokeswoman, Belinda Foster, said Friday.

Perrette and Taylor were introduced when he paid a visit to CBS' legal drama about Naval investigators, invited by a friend who's an adviser to the series.

The two hit it off and she invited him to attend her church, Hollywood United Methodist. Their time together inspired Taylor to write "Fire in Your Eyes." A music video is planned.

"We were just hanging out afterward at church, playing piano and messing together," Perrette said. That was enough to inspire Taylor to write "Fire in Your Eyes."

"She was just so charismatic and had great spirit," he said. "I wrote the song and Pauley put the magic to it."

Perrette returns the compliment: "I love his positivity" and musical talent, she said.

Music has long been important to Perrette, who plays a forensic specialist on "NCIS." She describes herself as "in and out of bands" as she balanced singing and songwriting with her acting career.

"I'm all over the map, every style, every genre," Perrette said. "I've been in rock 'n' roll my whole life. And B. and I, since childhood, started out in the gospel world, singing in church."

Perrette, whose single "Fear" was included on an "NCIS" soundtrack, is working on a record with her Stop Making Friends band. Taylor's upcoming album, "One Life to Live," was produced by Pete Moore, an original member of Motown's The Miracles and co-writer of "The Tracks of My Tears" and other hits.

Perrette and Taylor said they're also ready for another joint project: the music video for "Fire in Your Eyes."
I don't know about anyone else, but that new woman they have on the show, can't even remember her name... but the one that was sleeping with Tony... she gets on my nerves. I don't know why... I just don't care much for her lol.
Note to Mods: I am putting the following story in both this and the LA thread because it has to do with both shows, and you never know who watches which or both, but this way they are getting the info.

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NCIS Creator Suing CBS Over NCIS: LA

NCIS creator Don Bellisario has filed a lawsuit against CBS, seeking unspecified damages for not profiting from the creation of NCIS: LA, Deadline reports.

The complaint, filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday, claims Bellisario was not given the first opportunity to develop and participate in the NCIS: LA spin-off, and thus has not profited from it.

Bellisario was let go from NCIS in 2007. Shane Brennan took up the reins on the series and created the NCIS: LA series. NCIS is a spin-off of JAG, which was also created by Bellisario.

"Pursuant to the first opportunity provisions of Plaintiffs' contracts with CBS, CBS is contractually obligated to compensate Bellisario for NCIS:LA, including a percentage of its profits as well as a certain fixed compensation," the lawsuit says.

In response to the lawsuit, CBS released a statement. "Don Bellisario has no rights to what he is claiming in this suit. The contract is clear, the facts are undeniable and the courts won't need Naval intelligence to conclude that the case has no merit. We continue to honor all of our obligations to Mr. Bellisario under the actual agreement."

My Thoughts: Well Okay this is got to be ackward a little for Sean Murray who plays McGee. For anyone who didn't know, "His mother is Vivienne, fourth wife of American television producer and screenwriter, Donald Bellisario, making him Bellisario's stepson." I would like to note that actually most of his family, Step and blood relatives have ties to the show again for anyone who didn't know. Check this out.
"1.Younger brother Chad W. Murray is a producer.
2.Murray's mother Vivienne appeared in season one of NCIS as the Mysterious Redhead usually seen with Gibbs.
3. Julie Bellisario Watson who is also a producer.
4. Sarah McGee, the sister of Murray's character, is played by his stepsister Troian Bellisario.
5. Michael Bellisario played Charles 'Chip' Sterling."

Now can we say Ackwarrrrrd? :wtf: :p
Thinking about today's happy news from Pakistan, we're sure to get several references to it, starting with Gibbs or Director Vance drawing a big black "X" over Bin Laden's picture. Also, I'm expecting that (depending on what this season's finale is), we could start next season to scenes of celebration in NCIS headquarters, possibly involving adult beverages -- all to be interrupted for Gibbs' team by a call to a murder scene.
Watched part of this episode, but couldn't watch it all. It bugs me when its supposed to be years earlier and they think just by giving someone a different hairstyle it makes them look younger. Um, no. :lol: I mean, I love the guys and all, but those hairstyles were just odd on them lol. Plus I really dislike the episodes that are supposed to be "oh this happened many years ago". It works if you're showing them as children, otherwise it just usually doesn't work so well IMO. I found it a tiny bit boring, so I turned it off.
Well I thought that Baltimore was possibly one of the best episodes of the series. It was certainly one of the best of of the last few seasons.
*Finally* we got a return to the Tony of the early seasons. The 'work smarter not harder' Tony. The Tony that could rightlfully be described as one of the 'best young agents' that Gibbs has worked with. TPTB have spent so much of the last few seasons dumbing down Tony and this episode was like a breath of fresh air. Long may it last.
I don't know about anyone else, but that new woman they have on the show, can't even remember her name... but the one that was sleeping with Tony... she gets on my nerves. I don't know why... I just don't care much for her lol.
I AGREE!! and i'm mad that they pretty much guaranteed her an arc for next season!! she just... angers me greatly. i see no reason for her to still be there.
I don't know about anyone else, but that new woman they have on the show, can't even remember her name... but the one that was sleeping with Tony... she gets on my nerves. I don't know why... I just don't care much for her lol.
I AGREE!! and i'm mad that they pretty much guaranteed her an arc for next season!! she just... angers me greatly. i see no reason for her to still be there.

They did? I thought she left to go to some other city to work or something?