MY Vison of CSI Las Vegas Season one

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    * Note in my vision of CSI Las Vegas There is a three Lady CSI. They are Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle and Destiny Kupp - Kessler ( Two last name), she only went by Destiny Kessler.
    Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or The character that on the Las Vegas show. I did make Up Destiny Kessler .
    Part one Pilot
    Grissom get to the crime scene at 7642 Carpenter Street, Las Vegas, and walk into the house and to where Jim Brass is wait for him at the enter to the master bedroom. Jim start walk into the bedroom and Gil walk in behind him, Brass point to the bathroom and Gil Grissom walk into it to see a male in early forty lay die in his tub, with a bullet through the chest.
    Jim Brass: you think it Suicide
    Gil Grissom: I’m not sure, but by the smell he been die awhile.
    Gil Grissom stop talk and kneel down in front of the tub to get a closer look at the Victim, as he lean in he see a bug.
    Gil Grissom: a pupa stage three.
    Jim Brass: Gil I’m not a entomologist speak English
    Gil Grissom: three stage of lava metamorphosis.
    Jim Brass: that is a maggot and the body stinks
    Gil Grissom: he been died seven days now.
    Gil then notice the tape recorded in the man hand. He slower take out of the men had and rewind the tape to the bring. And listen to the tape. This what it said. Royce Harmon, I’m forty-one years old and I live at 7642 Carpenter Street, Las Vegas and I’m going to kill myself. Please forgive me family I never want to cause you any pain.
    After the coroner come and take the body to the lab and Gil had finish process the evidence and take back to the lab he want and talk to the victim mom and Sister the mom tell Grissom the voice on the tape was not her sons.
    Back at the Lab Holly Gribbs pull her car into the park lot and pull into the first open spot. She put her car in park then turn it off. She get out and hands to her backseat and get her kit out. She then head into the crime lab and goes to Grissom office. She look around his office as she walk into his office see bugs in jar and Fetal pig in a jar. Grissom come on to her and top her on the shoulder.
    Holly: are you Gil Grissom?
    Gil: yeah, are you Holly Gribbs.
    Holly: yeah that me, I need to sign my waiver, so I can start work tonight.
    Gil Grissom head her the form and she sing it.
    Meanwhile in the Locker room. Destiny Kessler is sit on the bench. Look at her right wrist and the black wrist brace on it. Think about the event that cause her to hurt her wrist, it happen eight weeks ago today. She get back to here apartment in San Francisco from work a hard case on serial rapist and killer, the case cause her to pull a triple shift. It was worth it there because she had match the DNA from the semen to a cap that work for SFPD. She did the interview with him, but he hired a very tough lawyer who get him released on the fact that the only had evidence he had sex with the late victim. When she head home she did not realize that the cap had been fellow her home, When she get home all she want to do was take a fast shower and go to bed. She was just about to get into the shower when someone grab her and throw her onto the floor as soon as she seen it was the cop that DNA match from her case she start to reach for her gun; which was lay on the floor by the dirty cloth she just take off. The guy saw this and stamp on her right wrist and it made a loud creak nosie, and it start hurt really bad. He kneel down on her lags and tie her foot together, but at that some time Sara Sidle walk up to Destiny apartment and she the door open, she call the crime lab and tell them to sent a police officer to Destiny Kessler place right a way . Sara draw her gun and walk into her friends apartment and see the bathroom door is open and a guy tie Destiny feet together.
    Sara: Sara Sidle SFPD stop what you doing and put you hands in the air.
    At this Point Destiny get bring back to present time when Warrick and Nick and Catherine come into the Locker room and run up to her.
    Nick: Yo Destiny you not think about the last case you work on in San Francisco again are you.
    Destiny: yeah
    Warrick: is that why you move here?
    Destiny: no I put in for the transfer six months before that even happen.
    Warrick: did you hear Nick just finish his hundred case and now is a level 3 CSI!
    Destiny: that great Nick, Warrick tonight we be you hundred right?
    Warrick: yep it will be.
    Just then Brass walk up to them warrick you are with Holly Gribbs the lady next to me, keep a eye on her why she take finger paints at a crime scene a Burglary happen at. Destiny and Catherine are on a 426 Sexual Assault on a little girl, she at Sunset hospital. Nick you are with Grissom on a 420 Homicide, you are to meet him in his office.
    As Warrick Driver Holly to her first crime scene his Cellphone goes off. He pull up at the Scene and stop the car.
    Warrick: Holly, I need to take care of a personal problem can you handle this on you own?
    Holly: sure
    In the house the crime happen in, Holly is dusty for paints when someone walk into the room. She turn around and a guy shoot her, she fall to the floor.
    Back at the lab right as night shift ends Brass walk into the break room.
    Jim Brass: (yell) Night shift pull a double Holly Gibber get shoot and is in surgery. Warrick you on leave to a full report of you whereabout is done (turn walk out of the room).
    Catherine: Warrick you was suppose to be with her
    Warrick: I know, But I had a very imported personal Issue come up I had to take care right away.
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    I'm confused, Sara's a cop in this one?
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    No Sara not a cop, she just said that to get the guy to stop what he was doing to her best friend.
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    Part two: Cool Change
    The fellow Night Grissom walk into the break room and look at Catherine, Nick, Destiny. He see that they all look tire.
    Gil: Good evening everyone, I’m now the supervise of graveyard shift. We are only work one cause to night and that the Holly Gribbs Shooting. Nick I need you to go to the hospital I get the bullet the Surgeon remove they are evidence in a active Homicide case. Destiny and Catherine I want you at the crime scene.
    Catherine: and what are you are work on Gil?
    Gil: As of tonight we are a CSI short so, I call Sarah Sidle for San Franciscan crime lab to run the whereabout report on Warrick and she now going to be work here. I have to be at the lab when she get her.
    Destiny: Catherine can you driver to the Scene?
    Catherine: Sure
    Nick, Destiny and Catherine go to the locker room and get they kits. Then head out to the SUV and take off. On the ride to the crime scene Destiny is thought about how hard the last seven and half week in Las Vegas has been for her, when she ask to be transfer to Vegas Crime lab would make her life easy, not been in the some State as her Father was, doing time in a mental hospital for the crime insane, and that it would help put testify in court along with her twin Sister Danielle and Half sister Dakota ( which is 16 years old) on how they father sexual assert them as children behind her but it do not help at all. The reason for this was the one person she trust to talk about it was her best friend Sara Sidle they no long was in the same state or town, well till today. The only reason she and Danielle even went to the police and turn they father was because Dakota come over to her apartment and was cry one night after he sex assert her four time in one night. She no long was able to keep it a secret, because her sister should not have to go through it. She know Foster care was not the best, she was in after they father beat her up, but they lie and tell the social work that he only physical assert her and Daniella, because at the time Destiny did not want people to know that a elite gymnast with a chance of been the next Olympics gold medal in gymnastics was been sexual assert, abuse was bad enough. She hope her Sister luck at and get been in a nice home. She luck out after two different home, when Bill and Jillian Stokes (Nick Stokes Parent) take her in as a foster child for the four years she was in high school. She stop thinking about what she had been through when Catherine park the car at the crime scene.
    Catherine: Destiny will you dust the door for finger paints and process the area the shoot happen out.
    Meanwhile at the lab Nick was ballistic with Bobby Dawson who is run the bullet to see what type it is. At the sometimes Sarah Sidle is interview Warrick on way he left Holly Gribbs alone at the scene.
    Sara: Warrick you do know the right way clear a Crime scene?
    Warrick: yes
    Sara: then way did you leave Holly Gribbs alone on her first day?
    Warrick: as I tell Grissom I had a personal Issue that come up that I had to take care of right away. Way should in matter, I was left alone all the time when I was a CSI one.
    Sara: it matter because Holly Gribbs die on the operation table. Was you in a casino when you was on the clock it say here that you have a gamble problem?
    Warrick: no
    Sarah: you not tell me the truth, I have you on video in the Rampark.
    Warrick: whatever (stand up and walk out of the room).
    Back at the Crime Scene Catherine had just find a pager and Holly gun lay on the ground. And Destiny had just finish dust for paint, so she was put her supply away. The two of them take what they find make to the lab. Catherine goes to Nick and Bobby Dawson and give them the gun after she had Destiny paint for finger paints. Destiny was run the finger paints when Sara come into the computer lab and sit down next to her.
    Sara: Destiny, how are you doing?
    Destiny: (look up for the screen and smile) Ok, I miss talk to you face to face. It was just not the some talk to nick about my family and Life Issue, seen that it has been ten you since I talk about that stuff.
    Sara: that because when you did talk or see him or his family you want them to think it was no long bother you.
    Destiny: we have a match to the other finger paint on Holly gun it belong to Jerrod Copper.
    Sara: let go tell Brass and Grissom
    The two girl get up and walk out of the room a let Grissom and Brass know about Jerrod Copper paints been on Holly gun. Sara also hand Grissom her report on Warrick.
    Destiny: a Jerrod Copper shot Holly Gribbs with her own gun.
    Brass: I’ll go bring him in.
    The next day in the hallway Warrick is sit on a bench when Grissom walk up to him and sit down next to him.
    Warrick: what did the head of the lab say Grissom?
    Grissom: they want me to fire you, but I’m not going to, I’m going help you get over your gamble problem.
    Warrick: thanks
    Grissom: I see you at work tonight.
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    Interesting...I want to see where you go from here. It's like S1 now but I'm not sure if you'll stay that way.
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    Would you mind changing add some space between dialogue and narration, cause it's getting really confusing...Anyway it seems interesting
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    Ok, I try to remember that when I write the next part.
    I update this story Monday evening or Tuesday, I'm going out of town this weekend and will not have my lab top or internet, way I'm gone. Thanks for the reply there.
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    Part Three: CRATE 'N BURIAL ( will be some different in my vision that was on TV)
    Greg Sanders is walk down the hall towards the break room hold a folder in his right hand. When he get to the back room and see one of the Women CSI is in a chair with her back to the door. He walk up to the women that has middle length dark brown hair.

    Greg: Yo, Destiny I get you results for the DNA on the blood from the hit and run you and that new CSI lady are work on.
    Sara: (turn around in her chair) Start with I’m not Destiny, and I go by Sara Sidle not the new CSI lady.
    Greg: then where is Destiny?
    Destiny: right here, do you got my and Sara DNA results yet?
    Greg: yeah right here, and do you two know that you look like eachother.
    Sara and Destiny: What, we do not.
    Greg: yes you do!
    Sara: I have Brown Eye
    Destiny: and I have Hazel eyes. And I’m only 5"7 feet
    Sara: I’m 5"9 feet and I also wight 107 pounds
    Destiny: and I only wight 98 pounds
    Greg: you have the same hair color it also the same length. Your eyes are the some Shape, some space between the eyes too. Also you nose are the same size and Shape, you lip are the same size to. You look like you could be sister.
    Sara: where are not sister Greg!
    Destiny: and we are not relation to eachother.
    Sara: the DNA results now?
    Greg: yeah, I find four DNA Three Female and one men.
    Sara: they was only two female in the car that was hit.
    Greg: The hair’s you find in the back sit say that they was a female in it and they was a few male hair to.
    Destiny: so she left a piece of the guy who hint them, kidnap the girl and then run, behind.
    Greg: Also the DNA from the Male I get a Match to it belong to a Chip Rundle.
    Sara: way is he in the system for?
    Greg: attempt at a hit and run, but a cap car driver by and see what happen and fellow him and Chip start a car cash, but crush the car and the cap get him, he was released three months ago. That not all the DNA for the female I get a hit Larua Garris; which is the person he was try to kidnap last time.
    Sara: I gonna to tell Gil Grissom we need Nick, Warrick, Catherine and his help on this case.
    Destiny: Ok, I call fill Jim Brass and fill him in on the new information and tell him to get a warrant for us to search Mr. Rundle and Miss. Garris homes, and tell him to put a APA out on Chip Rundle.
    Sarah: I have Gil Grissom sent Nick to talk to Becky Teps, and Catherine to talk to Bethany Spinner.

    Sara, Destiny, Warrick and Grissom, Jim Brass head to Miss. Garris house first after the warrants come through. Each CSI head to a different room of her house, where Jim keep a eye on the front door. Sara walk into the master bedroom, Destiny goes into the bathroom connect to the master bedroom. Grissom take the living room / office area. Warrick first search the extra bedroom but it was empty. So Warrick move on to the only other room the kitchen. In the master bedroom Sara is search for anything that might give them a clue to way Mr. Rundle would want to kidnap Miss. Garris but she can’t find anything, beside the fact that nothing that all her suite case and cloth was they so go him was not plan. Destiny find they all her personal Item was still there include her birth control pills. Sara walk up to the bathroom door.

    Sara: did you find anything?
    Destiny: no, everything here.
    Sara: I get nothing either, no note or other information that could give as a hint on way he would want to take her and all her thing are still here. So this was not plan.
    Destiny: I hope we find something at Mr. Rundle house.
    Sara: me to, let go see if Grissom or Warrick find anything out.
    Destiny: ok, let go.

    The two Lady CSI go to the kitchen first and walk or to Warrick, he just shake his head no at them and the three them walk into the Living room / office area to see if Grissom has find anything. Grissom stare at a news clip on her desk. The three CSI walk up to him and a give when a look that say what do you find. The four them just look at eachother for a few minutes before anyone say anything.

    Sara: Grissom what are you look at?
    Gil: a news clip about Mr. Rundle be released from jail.
    Warrick: did you find anything that could help us?
    Gil: no
    Destiny: since they nothing here we should head over to Chip Rundle place now.
    Gil: yeah let go.

    They head out to the lab SUV and go over to suspect house. As Gil Grissom pull the SUV up
    to the side of the road and Jim Brass pull up behind them. They all see that the house stick out because all the other house are keep up and are really fancy. His house is run down and the grass look like he never cut it and they is beer cans all every the place. They all get out of the SUV and Jim get out of his car. They walk up to the house. Jim knock on the front door.

    Jim: LVPD open up, Few second later still no answer, Open up or I will break the door down.

    After a few more minutes no one up, so Jim break down the door and draws his gun and walk into the house and clear it, he then wave for the CSI to come in. They each go into a room Sara take the bathroom. Warrick take the bedroom. Grissom take the Living room. Destiny is leave with the only room left; which is the kitchen. Grissom is look around the living room and come across a map of area 55 and a plan to hit Miss. Garris friends car and kidnap her. Then bruin her a alive out by area 55. The other three CSI walk into the room and the sometime.

    Jim: Lockwood has Chip Rundle at the police stations and is process right now.
    Gil: We have to get out to area 55 right now he has bury Miss. Garris alive.
    Jim: Ok, I call Lockwood and tell about the new developed and ask him to try and get Mr. Rundle to tell him what area of area 55 he bury her at.
    Gil: good, see you at there.

    Out at area 55 all the shift CSI are out look for Miss. Garris. Nick and Catherine join them after they finish talk to Miss Garris friends; which did not have any thing they could add that would be able to help them out. After a hour and half of search they find on pipe stick out of the ground. Sara, Destiny, Nick, Catherine, Warrick and Grissom start dig and reach her within three minute, they open the wood box she is in up. And is happy to see she is still breath. The EMT left her out and take her to the hospital Sara and Destiny take the SUV that they get to the scene into go to the hospital. One there Miss. Garris tell them that it was Chip Rundle who kidnap her then bury her alive. Sara collect the evidence as Destiny take Miss. Garris write down what Miss. Garris tell them what happen. Once back at the Lab all the DNA evidence and the other evience clear say that Chip Rundle is her kidnap and he is take to jail.
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    Can you tell me what was different than the show? Sorry, it's just been too long since I saw the ep. Thanks.
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    the only thing that the same is Chip Rundle is the kidnap and Miss. Garris is the one that was Kidnap. In the one on tv Garris was marry, my she not also not hit and run in the tv vision.
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    Part Four: Mr. Johnson ( change the name the name for the Episode is PLEDGING Mr. Johnson)
    It early morning in Las Vegas, but once again part of the night shift is pull a double shift. In the locker room of the crime lab. Warrick is get ready to go to court to give testimony on a case he work on. Nick is put on a clear shirt and Destiny is lay on the bench with her eyes close. Try to catch a few minute of sleep before the day shift start up. Sara walk into the locker room and goes to her locker.

    Sara: Warrick you miss out on the best case ever man.
    Warrick: what the case maybe a can get sleep head here to go give testimony for me so I can work on the case.
    Sara: twenty did frat boy that live in the Phi Alpha fraternity house. Sorry Warrick, Gil Grissom put Destiny, Nick, Catherine and him on it.
    Warrick: I have to go evidence vault open up in five. See you all tonight.

    Warrick walk out of the locker room nearly run into Catherine who has a sleeping six year Lindsey in her arm. Warrick hold the door open for her.

    Catherine: thank Warrick
    Warrick: no problem, Lindsey Sick?
    Catherine: yeah and I can’t get reach Eddie, or find a babysitter so I had to bring her to work with me. Greg said he would keep a eye on her for me.

    Catherine walk into the locker room and lays Lindsey down on the bench with her feet near Destiny head, who is still a sleep on the bench. Lindsey start to kick in her sleep and kick Destiny in the head really hard. She sit up and look around hold her head. At the sometime Gil Grissom walk into the lab.

    Destiny: Alright who kick my head?
    Catherine: sorry I should put Lindsey feet at the other end of the bench.
    Lindsey: mom, coughs and sneeze, where I’m I?
    Catherine: (pick her back up) At the crime lab, I had to go into work.
    Lindsey: I want to go home mom.
    Catherine: I know baby, but you can’t.
    Gil: we need to head out to the crime scene now. Nick come with me in one of the SUV. Sara, Catherine and Destiny take one of the other one and meet us they once Catherine get Lindsey comfortable on the break room couch and Destiny get a ice pack fro her head.
    Lady CSI: Ok Grissom.

    Nick and Gil Grissom head out to the park lot and get into a SUV and take off to the crime scene. Meanwhile the Sara, Catherine and Destiny are in the break room. Sara head Destiny a ice pack for her head, while Catherine get Lindsey to fall back to sleep in the couch. Once Lindsey asleep they head out to the crime scene. They talk on the way to the scene.

    Sara: So Destiny way was you sleep on the bench in the locker room, see that you had last night off you should be well rested?
    Destiny: who could sleep when your sixteen year old sister who just move in with you blast loud rap music.
    Sara: so Dakota end up living with you.
    Destiny: yeah I could not let her be put into foster care.
    Catherine: that was nice of you, but where is your mom and dad.
    Destiny: her mom died doing children birth, and are dad was in a really Bad car crush and is in assistance living home.
    Catherine: I’m sorry to here that.

    The rest of the rise to the scene was quiet, Sara keep give Destiny a look that say you should tell Catherine the truth and not lie to her about what happen and why she living with you.
    Once there they get wait to work process the scene with is a blood mass. All twenty bodies are lay stab and shoot to death on the pool room floor. Jim Brass walk up to the three CSI they just get there to fill them in on what going on.

    Jim Brass: alright Sara, Destiny and Catherine. This is what I know so far Mr. Johnson and his twin bother Mr. J. Johnson, the guys stand over there talk to Nick, say that they find all twenty bodies this way when they get here this morning. They stop because they was suppose to meet Kevin Days the guy by you right feet Sara to find out if he made it into the fraternity house.
    Sara: does they have any Idea who could done this. It had to been more then one person
    Jim Brass: neither of them have any Idea who did it. But Grissom do a test for GSR on both of them, so once he get back to the lab will see if either fire a gun. And Nick take the cloth they was wear to look for blood, see that there was blood over both they clothing.
    Destiny: that would be the reason they are wear coverall.

    Brass walk over to the two Johnson and let them out to a cap car that take them to the police Stations. It take the five CSI two hours together all the evidence. They head to take photo of the scene and swab of all twenty blood pools, plus two blood trail that lead to where the killers hide the knife and the gun at. Once back at the lab they give Greg two hours with of DNA to run. Sara take the gun and knife to Bobby Dawson. Grissom goes and check the GSR test. He find out that Mr. J. Johnson find the gun. All the CSI was sit in the break room when Greg run into the room.

    Sara: Greg what up the blood on the clothing you give me is a match to the victim ans bit of the outfit also had the own blood mix in with the victim. The Johnson boys did it. Sara and Destiny go to the police station to interview the both Johnson. In the interrogative room one Brass and Sara was talk to Mr. J. Johnson.

    Sarah: the evidence say you was the one that shot the victim that dead for bullet wounds. Way did you do it?
    Mr .J. Johnson: because they would not let me in to the fraternity because I was a geek, also because I always have my nose in a textbook.

    Sara: Brass arrested him.

    In interrogative room two Destiny get the some answer from Mr. Johnson. So both of the Johnson was arrested for kill the twenty frat guys.
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    Do we know why yet or is that yet to be said? I'm just slightly confused
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    * review of what happen in part four the Johnson twin kill twenty frat guys because they would not let the join the fraternity because they was geek and always had they nose in a textbook.
    * Note I do not own CSI or the main character. I made up the name of the of the people in the case so I guess I own them.
    Part Five: Friends and Lovers ( not the some as the one show on tv)
    Destiny, Sara, Catherine, Nick and Warrick was sit in the break room wait for Gil Grissom to come in and hand out there assignment for the night. It never a good sign when he run this late to head out the assignment. Sara and Destiny are sit at the other end of the break room from Catherine, Nick and Warrick, Because they want to talk to eachother without the rest of the team add there two cent in.

    Sara: I have a bad feel about tonight case
    Destiny: why?
    Sara: because I have a feel that it going to be about sexual assert on a teenage girl
    Destiny: you think I will freak out don’t you?
    Sara: yeah
    Destiny: don’t worry about me Sara, I’ll be fine.

    Just then Gil walk into the break room and look at his team of CSI., Sara and Destiny get up and walk over to were the rest of the team was sit at. And wait for they supervise to tell them what case they are work on that night.

    Gil Grissom: There is only one case tonight it a big one.
    Sara: what the code for this case?
    Gil Grissom: It has a few codes. They are 426 Sexual Assault, 420 Homicide, 424 Abuse/Neglect.

    Gil Grissom head a sheet of paper out to each member of his team to read that tell them where the crime happen and the major detail they need to know when they get to the scene.
    Early in the night, It just after sunset and a teenage girl name Holly Frank is walk down the side of Boulder Highway, it not the first time she had to work home for her after school job, her mom is always forget to pick her up from her part time job. She love her mom, but she more of a friend then a mom. The girl wrap her coat around her because the wind start to pick up and it was a chill night in Las Vegas. Holly get to her run down house to find her mom throw a party again with her friends that she does drug with. Holly walk into the house to see her mom boyfriend is there. He run up to her.

    Stone (mom boyfriend): Holly you home. Do you want to party with me.
    Holly: no
    Stone: ( grab Holly arms) but you know the only reason I come over here is you, I love you.
    Holly: (try ti pull away) you love my mom not me, you are just high.
    Stone: no I’m just your mom lover, I only have feeling for you.

    Holly get free from him and run it to her bedroom and close the door she try to lock, but it will not lock. Because it still break from the last time Stone was over and kick her lock door in. She lays down on her bed in her work cloth, because she still cold from walk home. She just start to fall to sleep deposited the loud music play and her mom drink and high friends yell to other at the top of there lungs when someone come into her bedroom.

    Holly: who every it is just go away.
    Stone: no
    Holly: please just go away I’m tire and not feel to good and just want to sleep.
    Stone: (as he get down on her bed) No
    Holly: please leave my room
    Stone: no

    Stone then pull down her pants and rape her, but as he was get off Holly bed her mom walk into her daughter room hold a knife in her hand. She walk into the room because she keep hear her daughter scream at the top of her lungs for stone to stop. When she walk into the room and see Stone on her daughter bed on top of her she pull him off her and stab him in the heart five time. With her daughter watch her the whole time. Holly mom drop the knife at the sometime Stone fall to the ground at the feet of Holly bed.
    Present time the CSI pull up it front of the run down Frank house and Gil and Catherine Park the SUV, and a ll the CSI get out of the SUV. Jim Brass is wait for them when they walk into the house. He stand next to a couch where a women is sit that is cover in blood. In the couch across form the women sit a girl that like about fifteen and half years old.

    Jim: the girls name Is Holly she was in the room when it happen?
    Sara: when what happen?
    Jim: the mom stab her boyfriend Stone in the heart five time after she catch him rape her daughter. Catherine I want you to go with Holly to the Desert Palm Hospital and have a Sexual Assault kit run on her, and take photos of the bruise and her body to.
    Catherine: ok
    Jim: Sara I want you to process the evidence on the mother.
    Sara: sure
    Jim: the rest of you with me in the girl bedroom.

    Catherine and Holly walk out to the SUV and Head to the hospital. Sara process the mother. The mom hand over her cloth when ask and even give Sara the big knife she stab him with. After she finish with the mom and the police had take her, Sara went and help the rest of the team in the girls bedroom. As soon as she walk into the room Destiny look at her and know that this case is going to be just as hard for Sara to deal with. Because of her mom stab her father in front of her. They can back to the lab and run the blood through DNA. It match the Stone and the girl mom. And the semen also match Stone and Holly had bruise that could only come from be rape. It was one of the case they close in one night. Sara and Destiny was the last to leave the lab when shift was over the next morning.

    Destiny: Sara what to come over to my place and have a beer?
    Sara: yeah sounds good.
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    At least a case like that can be a defense thing...not self defense but I forget what it's called when you're defending someone else. Justifiable homicide maybe or possibly manslaughter...I don't know much about it.
  15. sarahSidle1981

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    Part Six: who are you
    It has been a long week for Gil Grissom and his night shift crew they have been working on a case deal with a serial rapist and each night they have get a new case that match the case from the night before. They have not been able to figure out who the rapist is yet. He does not leave any Semen behind , because he use a condom that he take with him when he leave the women house. The victim could only tell the CSI that he wear a ski mask over his head and only his eyes was showing. they know he has blue eyes, and he is six feet tell. Gil had sent his team home to get some sleep because they had been work since Monday without a break and it now Friday afternoon, he even went home to get some rest. Gil know that it was going to be hard for his team to come into work that night, he just hope they did not get another case relation to this serial rapist. Gil get back to the lab a hour before shift start to find Sara and Destiny already sit in the break room going over the case files from the cases they be work on since Monday. He walk into the break room and get himself a cup of coffee and sit down across from them. Sarah and Destiny look up at Gil.

    Gil: how long have the two of you been here?
    Sara: I’ve been here for two hours.
    Gil: and you Destiny?
    Destiny: I been here since one o’clock.
    Gil: I sent you home at noon why do you come back so soon?
    Destiny: I could not fall to sleep, and I get home to my small two bedroom one bathroom house and find that my sixteen and half year old Sister Dakota was home from school.
    Gil: She in ten grade right?
    Destiny: no she a senior she skip second, three and fourth grade.
    Sarah: why was she not a school?
    Destiny: The school nurse sent her home sick, she was run a fever and keep sneeze and cough.
    Gil: I need to go to my office and check if I have any message, and grab the case assignments for tonight. I see you two again when the shift start.

    Gil get up and walk out of the break room, at the sometime Destiny get up and refill Sara and her coffee mug up. Destiny walk back over to the table and hand Sara her cup and sit back down at the table. She sit her mug down. Then lays her hand on the table and close her eyes.

    Destiny: Sara wake me when shift start.
    Sara: ok

    Sara could not find the heart to wake her at the start of shift so since Gil Grissom has not come back into the break room yet Sara just let her sleep and Nick, Warrick and Catherine would not wake her up either. She wake up when Gil come into the break room and slam his stuff on to the table; which cause he to jump out of her seat. Everyone just look at her, before turn they eyes on Grissom.

    Sara: what case do we have tonight?
    Gil: another rape case that match the other one we being work on all week. But this time he rape a sixteen year girl. But there is good news she was able to get the ski mask off his face as he was get off her. Jim Brass say she can tell us what he look like. Destiny can you stay here a minute, while everyone us goes and get they kit.
    Destiny: sure
    Gil: (after everyone leave) I have to take you off the case Destiny!
    Destiny: why?
    Gil: The Sixteen old girl name is Dakota Kupp and you house is the crime scene.
    Destiny: No, how did he get in I made sure I lock the house up before I left?

    The rest of the team walk back into the break room and Grissom had them each a piece of paper with the crime scene address on it they all look up at Destiny when they see her address and her half sister name as the victim. Sara run over to her and give her a hug.

    Sara: it will be ok she is a tough girl
    Destiny: Gil you have to keep me on this case I will not be able to sleep to a catch the guy that did this.
    Gil: I let stay on the case, but you can't work the scene. I want you to stay at the lab and go through the photo and evidence from the four other case and have it lay out in the evidence room so we can compare this case to them.
    Destiny: ok
    The team head to Destiny house to work the scene and she stay behind at the lab to go through the evidence from the other four case. When the CSI get to Destiny house there find Dakota sit on the couch with her knee up against her chest and her arm wrap around them.

    Dakota: The guy that rape, sneeze, me drop, coughs, the condom he use after I get his mask off in his rush to get out of here.
    Sara: I need you to come with me to the hospital so a nurse can do a sexual Assault kit on you.
    Dakota: Ok

    Two hours later at the lab Greg is run the DNA form the condom and sexual assault kit and get a hit from CODIS. Greg print it out and run out of the DNA Lab and to Grissom officer and hands him the print out.

    Gil: the DNA match a Thomas Kent, good job Greg. Great the picture on the print out match the draw the lab artist drew from what Dakota tell her. I will tell Brass.
    Brass: (stand in door way) I hear the whole thing and his in police custody as we speck. Lockwood just call me as I was walk over here and tell me he pick a Thomas Kent up he look just like the guy in the draw. And Thomas Kent has confess to rape all five girls.

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