Misc LIMS #3-Challenge 6-Decades. Final Challenge-VOTING!

Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 4-Supernatural Quotes-Results!!

Check out tomorrow guys, the next challenge will go up as soon as I get off work!

Here's the results for Challenge 4:

Leaving us this round will be:

Ankeila who submitted

Adorable_Crazy who submitted

Don't let this discourage you from entering the LIMS when it starts back up and look out for the comeback challenge :)

Voter's Choice:
LivingEnd with

Doctor Approved Award's (I decided to do one for each icon/text icon) category :)

by csifann1 I loved the color and crispness of this icon :)
by Dragonfly I thought this was simple and the french fried crack (oops I mean French Fries) were a nice touch :D

I'll have your banners with or soon after I post the next challenge :)

Icons 1 and A: -12+2=-10
Icons 2 and B: -2+12=+10
Icons 3 and C: -3+5=+2
Icons 4 and D: -7+5=-2
Icons 5 and E: -6+3=-2
Icons 6 and F: -5+8=+3
Icons 7 and G: -1+6=+5
Icon 8 and H: -4+4=0
Icon 9 and I: -8+1=-7
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Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 4-Supernatural Quotes-VOTING UP!

I was totally expecting to go out this round as there were so many fab icons! Well done Mari, Meg and Britta, your icons were all awesome! Sorry to see you go Ankeila. Good luck for the next round everyone, and thanks to everyone who voted for me throughout. :D
Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals "Now Up"

TalkCSI Misc LIMS 2: Challenge 5 -Animals

Restrictions: No Font/Text!


~ This is an anonymous challenge do not post your icon anywhere else until the challenge is over.
~ Your icon must not exceed 100x100px. It should be in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
~ You must use only the images provided
~ No animations will be permitted.
~ Submit your icon by sending me (Teddy Bear Dr.) a PM with the subject line Misc Lims Animals or similar.
~ If you are unable to send PM's, you may use the hotmail address in my profile. Just include TalkCSI in the subject so it doesn't go in the junk folder
~ You may submit only ONE icon
~ If you wish to use your free pass for this round, you MUST send me a PM to let me know. Otherwise it won't count, and you will be disqualified.
~ The deadline for submissions will be Monday June 7th, 2010 . No extensions will be given. (But as you all know when I ran the last LIMS, if something comes up and you give me a heads up, I'll work something out. I'll also give midweek reminders for those who have let sent in an entry)
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Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals "Now Up"

Wow, thank you for the Doctor Approved award :D Congrats LivingEnd and Drangonfly!! And sorry to see you guys go, Ankeila and Steph.

And great challenge! Those pics are the cutest :adore:
Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Now Up

:eek: How cute are those pics?!!! This is tough though, I can't decide which pic to pick :lol:
Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Now Up

My icon's in! I'm afraid I won't be able to vote in this round :( Would love to see all your cute icons :) Good luck to everyone!
Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5 "Animals" Voting!

Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5 "Animals" Voting!

Voting Rules: (Please read)
~ Absolutely anyone may vote! You don't have to be an 'expert' ;)
~ Vote for the Top 2 of least quality, and the Top 2 of best quality.
~ Votes for least quality Must have a reason, or they will not be counted. Reasons for best quality are strongly encouraged
~ There's a difference between "constructive criticism" and plain out rude remarks when it comes to voting for an icon, choose your wording carefully ;) Remember to pm either me or one of the mods if you have any issue with voting.

(the following examples may have been "borrowed" from other sources)

Good Examples:
34: Text is oddly placed
50: Icon is over sharpened
62: Image is too blurry

Poor Examples:
96: I don't like the colour (personal preference)
52: Tiny text/decorative brushes are unreadable (it's supposed to be that way)


6/7 Icons
1 Skip


Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Now Up

Awww cute baby animals!! I love it!

01. One of the ducks is cut off by the white frame and overall the icon is too bright.
06. The icon is washed out and the white borders are cutting off the dog's nose which is distracting.

02. Fantastic crop, the icon is bright and soft which brings out the cuteness of the kitten.
04. Love the crop and the background texture is perfect.
Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Voting Up

06 - The boarder cuts off part of the dogs nose, taking away from the effect of the icon.
01 - Seems to be over bright, and the border cuts off part of one of the ducks.

02 - Gorgeous colouring and nice crop, very cute.
03 - The border, texture and colouring all look great, lovely icon.
Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Voting Up


01- The border is too wide and cuts off the duck's beak.
06- The border cuts off the dog's nose.


05- Great coloring and I love the border.
03- Nice coloring and framing.

Great job everyone, it's getting harder to vote each challenge. :)
Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Voting Up

06 the white border takes away from the animals and it cut's off the dog's nose
01 the white border is a nice touch but it's too big. It cuts off the duck's bill

Re: Misc LIMS #2: Challenge 5-Animals Voting Up

Great work, everyone :)

01 - the whole icon looks too bright with the white border and the border cuts off the duck's bill
06 - The crop isn't that good... part of the dog's nose is cut off.