Misc LIMS #3-Challenge 6-Decades. Final Challenge-VOTING!

Ok great:)
Just one thing. I'm not master at giving constructive criticism. I've barely learnt how to give decent review for ff's and I'm not used to judge icons just yet. But I can try.
And I do this for the first time in thread. So no offence, I'm probie:) AND I'm on very budget-like cell phone's web so it doesn't giving best quality of viewing icons

Best: 03
Least: 01 (Coloring. I don't know. Too much blue maybe)

Best: 03
Least: 01 (Background seems little too white/bright)

Best: 03
Least: 02 (Text coloring I'd liked little different)

Best: 01
Least: 02 (Something about the background. Or maybe I just didn't like the guy)

Best: 01
Least: 02 (That white side part kinda jumps out a bit)

^Ok. Here it is. Best reasoning I could muster. It's not that easy to tell exactly what you didn't like.