Marg/Catherine ~ Not JUST A Pretty Face #8

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Glad I made you laugh. :lol:
I bet you are even prettier when you do. :)

Me n Marg: Are we facebook friends and I don't know it? I didn't post any pictures on these boards yet....Just wondering why I'd be prettier when I laugh? :p Actually I HATE my smile when I laugh...but I hate my smile anyway so it doesn't really matter...heehee

YES that was hy-freaking-sterical what you said! I LOVE it....We'll be besties quickly :)

Marg is amazin'- there is a CSI mini marathon on SPIKE right now. Currently watching Sweet Jane with Keppler, who is amazing...heehee Isn't he Mac on CSI NY?

Margalicious Foreva!

I'm editing this (it's now 6:42pm) to add something so I don't double post. The last CSI episode in the mini marathon on SPIKE was really weird and I still don't quite get it...So I guess Keppler and Catherine did reverse forensics to get the killer to come out in the open and get busted....but I can't really wrap my head around it...I know she lied to Warrick/Nicky/Sara/Hodges/Greggo but how and what did she say or do? Like I said, episode names go in ONE ear and OUT the other for me lately, so I couldn't tell ya which episode it was, but I just totally don't feel like I understand what happened to my satisfaction. Anyone who wishes to help me out with this would be greeeeeat :)

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^ I don't think she lied to anyone in that episode. Instead, she didn't tell them the truth about what she, Mike and Brass were really doing. IMO that's different from lying intentionally. Also, at the time, it was part of the job. Just like McKeen said, it was not her call.
My mum (who has seen that episode...WOW.) just explained the whole thing to me...Ya'll are right; she didn't lie...I finally get what happened and Cath didn't lie. How dare I think she did! hahaha Thanks for clearing it up ;)
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She definitely didn't. I never get why people were so mad at Catherine when that episode aired. She showed her support and trust she had for the team at the very start by telling McKeen and others that the CSIs wouldn't be deceived, but they wouldn't listen to her. Basically she had no choice but do what she was told. Then suddenly she became the worst person in the world. :\
Yeah....It's kinda wrong to turn on her like that; I mean obviously, like you said, she didn't have a choice but to do what she did. It's ok, everyone is over it now :) And WE love you Marg!!
Ohhh, Redrum, I really like this ep. I think that Catherine was there amazing. She couldn't tell the truth team and it was so easy to see how hard it was for her. She had no choice. Her scene with Nick when he was looking for evidences was just amazing. Marg showed only in a face espression how for Cath all this situation was confusing.

No I am not on Facebook.

I am a LinkedIn kinda guy but you won't find me under Me_n_Marg.

Under Marg, I

I think all women are prettier when they smile, esp our Marg.:)

With respect to the episode yesterday, she did express confidence in her team by telling Mike and Brass that they would not be easy to fool and she was right about that. She was obviously torn over have to go along for the greater good and did her usual marvelous job of acting.

I think she was also drawn to Mike as she quickly realized what a tortured soul he was.


PS Am: When I get to fifty messages, you are my first contact.;)
MenMarg awesome :) I finally got 50 posts and was a member for 2 weeks so I FINALLY was able to get/send out friend requests :)

Marg is goooooooooorgeous when she :) !! GO MARG!!!

Way to go on your 50!

I am right behind you.

Looking forward to many more discussions about Marvelous Marg!

Thanks ;p I've had that done for a while but it sunk in when you mentioned it ;p

Marg Marg is SO on my brain today.....I MUST be a fan ;p

You Know You're A Marg Fan When....

MenMarg, care to step up? :)
You know you are a Marg fan when you fantasize about Lady Heather training Catherine to be a dominatrix (both wearing leather and lace) by showing her the ropes (and whips) and the burns feel good on your sweaty and tortured body…
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You Know You're a Marg Fan When...

*You're on Margamania more than three times a day

* You can contribute to this thread

*You're a regular poster on Not Just a Pretty Face #8 and Marg's Picture Thread

*You're a PureJoy Shipper 100% all the time
oooh this is fun :)

* on here at least daily- work gets in the way :D
*margamania daily
*random marg/ cath thoughts enter my thoughts throughout the day
*watch csi at least every other day
Oooo Me too on that last one ;)

There is a CSI Marathon on SPIKE right now and Marg is soo amazing. I actually pulled up another PureJoy moment that can be found on the Gil/Cath PureJoy thread ;) GO MARG!
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