Marg/Catherine ~ Not JUST A Pretty Face #8

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A Marg Helgenberger Admiration Day....isn't that everyday?

Drumchik I suppose you are right, it IS everyday. But you know how a lot of other celeb fans have declared 'official' days or whatever...Just the fan in me, I suppose ;P

Definitely it's everyday... to be honest I have everyday Admiration Day of my favourite CSI cast. We're admiring Marg everyday so why one single day?;)

I hope that we would able to talk about Flo, well, it's Flo;)
^ I doubt it about Flo....but I will let miss Destiny handle it ;)

So hardly ANY Marg in 9x7 last night, yes? It was very disappointing :(
We need another question.....*thinks*

Question/discussion starters tend to stimulate conversation/posting, which is dead at this point...LOL
Okay how about this, Marg's character has been through a lot and some actors say that they try to find a way when building a character to mix in a little bit of themselves so as not to lose focus in the role, it makes it their own and making it so that no other actor could replace them. So then from what we know (from interviews, etc) what has Marg put into the character that built from something in her life, and as to her character Catherine how much of her strength is built from the need to get out of what one would consider a bad time into what one would consider a better life? The pain, sacrifices, basically the whole of the character and actress.

Hey it's the best I have and honestly doesn't sound too bad for a serious discussion. :) so lets hear you're opinions/thoughts on the two and even maybe how the two go together.
Ooooo Destiny goood one!

OMG I don't even really know where to go with all of that- *BRAIN ON OVERLOAD* :p

Umm...I GUESS this would work, I don't's the best I have at midnight: Marg's personal success as an actress could be loosely seen in Catherine's success as a C.S.I. Yeah, both took work, perserverence, putting her foot down AND suckng up, lots of education, doors slammed in her face, turned down turned up, whatever...but Catherine/Marg made it; and they are both immensely successful. Marg's married to the freaking PRESIDENT of SAG and Catherine is totally top of the line (I'd want her working MY case!) C.S.I in a very high tech/highly successful Crime Lab (which is true of the real thing in's the busiest & most advanced/state of the art lab in the US aside from Washington).

Like I said, that's the best I have for this late at night ;p Someone else jump in and make me look bad :p
LMFAO, it seems like I started something that I wanted to avoid - the bodyparts rule.
To avoid this situation next time, we could use the :censored: icon. *lolz*

I thought I had deleted this.....SOOOO sorry for double posting!! Can someone um...make this one go away?

Thanks :p
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I have a quesiton.

As she herself noted in this weeks episode, Cath is still single.

Who would be a good man for her from TV land???

Rule #1 is it cannot be from the CSI family of shows, as all of those ships have been discussed ad infinium.

I would gladly volunteer for any positon she needed, but alas I am not on

Any thoughts?
Ummm...I'm not really sure what to say to that question....I guess I'm still too busy thinking about the other one posed by Destiny....Who are our options from TV Land??
How about my ultimate TV hubby (lol), Dr. Doug Ross? Methinks Catherine and Doug would be sizzling hot together, and it's not like Marg hadn't played George Clooney's love intereste on ER. :D

You can definitely tell that I shipped Doug/Karen, can't you? ;)
^ Haha.

I don't know who I think she'd be great with, I think she's too good for everyone ;) nah, I really don't know... Catherine needs someone who's not afraid to challenge her.
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