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Actually there are some instances in which an actor/actress can consult on what their characters wear in an episode. There are some instances in which the actor/actress can even request an outfit, and there have been some instances where the actor/actresses have gone shopping with the wardrobe person and helps to pick out outfits. So to say that she has no control in anyway may not be altogether true, she might mention to the wardrobe person I like this shirt better then that one, or this outfit color (in her opinion) would go better with the scene. - Sometimes the actor/actress is even asked by wardrobe what they think because they are the ones who have to fit comfortably and I don't mean size, etc. Sometimes a color can inspire them in many ways on how they play the scene. But it is also true there are some instances where they don't want that decision or it is removed from there hands.

IMO Marg has been around long enough as an actress and has played the character long enough to know what will and won't work, and when to say something in wardrobe or even co-wardrobe if you will. I do not agree with the wording of the article it sounded to me like someone needed to find something to complain about, maybe they felt a need to down-grade her because of their own self esteem issues, etc.
I do not agree with the wording of the article it sounded to me like someone needed to find something to complain about, maybe they felt a need to down-grade her because of their own self esteem issues, etc.

:lol: That's probably true. Maybe she's jealous. :lol:

I think the wardrobe for Cath is not inappropriate for her character with the character's background and all. And sometimes she wears buttoned up shirts with suit jackets. So, I really don't see what the lady in the article was referring to. Except the point about the high heeled shoes. That's about the only thing I agreed with. The high heels in that profession is a little odd. :lol: I'm just waiting for one of the female CSIs on one of the CSI shows to be in a dumpster in said heels and then fall and their partner ask "are you okay?" to which they'll reply, "Oh, I broke a heel." :lol:
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I think the biggest thing with the wardrobe for Catherine - and it's been mentioned here previously - the character of Catherine was a former stripper. So is it very likely that even though she's changed careers, she's completely changed the way she dresses? I think not. You have to dress the character to the way that character's back story allows.

The character of Sara wore lots of tank tops and sleeveless shirts, as I would expect from someone who was supposedly from California. The character of Sofia wore a lot of button-up shirts and other blouses a bit more conservative than Catherine. I would expect that from someone whose mother was a cop.

Look at the guys - as a labrat, Greg wore unbusinesslike clothing and had strange hair - representing the youngest of the crew. Warrick was dressed in more 'laid back' type clothing (usually dark clothing). Nick is usually in standard polo shirts or Tshirts and jeans - representing his Texas upbringing. Grissom is normally clad in his dark attire with a jacket on.

I'm guessing that through the years playing Catherine, Marg's become comfortable with those types of tops off-set because the character wears them often. She seems to wear things a bit more "daring" in other public appearances as the years go on. Even back in her China Beach days - playing a hooker - she was still a bit more conservative off screen.

Another thing to note: remember when Catherine turned into a supervisor, she had a lot of the business suit type clothing (mainly around the lab), occasionally still including a lower-cut top. She was adapting to the change in her job status.
Yup Marg did mention that she suggested they sexy up Catherine. So at least we know the actors are asked for their opinions, but we also need to be aware that they're not the ones that make the final decision on the general style. And I don't know, I don't care for the so-called "message" thing. There are all kinds of people out there with different meanings to other people. If you really appreciate someone and look up to them, that's a great thing, but there's definitely no need to degrade someone by criticizing on how they look or what they wear just because you don't like them. If she thinks the "message" is negative, maybe she needs to find someone with the "possitive" message and worship them instead of being sour like this.
So, anyone saw Marg's interview on ET? There is a video clip on ETonline, but I have no idea if it's longer or shorter than the TV version. It did seem fun, though. Marg and Cojo are always great together. Cojo never tries to hide his adoration for Marg. :) I loved the "fill in the blanks" game. It was funny. Marg's office a crime scene. LOL.

And I love my Drama Queen.
I've got the tv version of the clips up at my place. Haven't had a chance to distribute them anywhere else yet. It sounds like she has a crush on Viggo Mortensen, and she's got the "empty nest syndrome" with Hughie gone to college, so she's watching more football (her guilty pleasure now) to compensate. AWWWWW!
The ET interview was great! "Who needs an Emmy if you got this thing?" :lol: She's mistaken for Michelle Pfeiffer? I LOVE Michelle *sighs* my 2 fav actresses! Could I be any happier? :D
Can't wait for the new season to start. But unfortunately I'll have to wait at least until tomorrow to watch it :(
I love Michelle, too. I think both Marg and Michelle are women who keep being beautiful and confident at 50 (well, in Marg's case, almost 50).

Marg's performance in For Warrick was awesome. I've mentioned this in several heart wrentched at the scene where she went down the alley and saw Warrick. Her facial expression and her sobs were just heartbreaking. She was also great at the funeral scene. Watching her cry made me want to hold her tight and cry with her.
I've always thought Marg has that unique ability to communicate volumes without ever uttering a word. I agree with you, Erica - she was just so amazing.
Okay so who has been keeping track of the new names you wanted for the thread for me to look at? If you have more to add do so now. Lets remember to keep it short enough, and with in the rules of the ratings. *watches 90-95% of the ideas go out the door* :p
I haven't seen the ep yet, I've only seen the odd few seconds, but I did see her face at the funeral scene, it was heart wrenching. I can't wait to watch the full ep (I'm saving myself for a while, trying to keep myself at least 2 more weeks to watch it, because i really don't like not being able to watch a new ep whenever I feel like it as I've been able to up until now :( )

Regarding names, I'm going to be boring and say stick with what we've got ;) I'm not too great at thinking of new ideas.

Don't call me Marge is ok, as it's actually something she's said, and is funny, but it doesn't show her 'amazingness' ;) But then again, I don't have a better suggestion :D
I think mine was:

Marg: Jaw-Dropping, Eye-Popping Goodness

I have some others, but I think they violate the PG13 meter :D
It was something like that which got veto'd because it was too long. Something like this for length

Marg/Catherine #8: Drama With Style
Marg/Catherine #8: Talent & Style
Marg/Catherine #8: Don't Call Me Marge
Marg/Catherine #8: Beauty & Brains
Marg/Catherine #8: Smart Sexy Stylish

Here is a funny one in away though not useable
Marg/Catherine #8: I'm Not Michelle Pfeiffer :lol:

Otherwise there are five of them above to think over and to use as length examples, we got a little bit longer before one has to be picked, just remember there is a PG13 line and no crossing it. :p
LMAO. That's a really cool one. Are you sure it isn't useable?

Oh and that reminds me of her latest interview with Cojo. How about Ultimate Drama Queen?
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