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If you haven't read about it in the spoiler lab, ET will be having a CSI week starting from Monday and Marg will join them on the set. Woohoo, looks like it's going to be a Marg week, too! The CSI premiere, Craig, and now ET. :D
Bad news...Marg's name is off of Craig's guest list. I have no idea why, but it seems that we won't be seeing her Wednesday unless it's a mistake. :( Dayum I was looking forward to their conversation.

BUT...Les Girls 8 is tonight. I hope there will be pics and maybe a video clip. :)
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Question: As the ninth season of CSI approaches, I can't help but fear a new year of Marg Helgenberger's ridiculous wardrobe. In a recent interview, I heard her bemoan the fact that she didn't have Julia Roberts' career. Well, that would be because Julia, 9 years her junior, has only dressed like Catherine Willows in two roles: a hooker in Pretty Woman and a woman constantly ridiculed for her cleavage in Erin Brockovich. Why are we supposed to believe that a forensic scientist would be able to walk around a garbage dump looking for clues with perfectly coiffed and styled hair, the make-up of a showgirl, cleavage-squeezing tops, high-heeled boots and jeans so tight that walking looks difficult? I can't help but feel disappointed that the message Marg seems to be sending is that you can be a post-40s actress and land a great, professional role, but only if you still dress like you're 25 and heading to a club. Why can't we all take a page from Helen Mirren who was wild and sexual in her "prime" a couple of decades ago, yet now manages to look classic, sexy and radiant without showing off all of her assets in one go? As a girl still in her 20s, I find it disheartening that this isn't the message that CSI's only remaining female lead is putting forward. Why does it seem like television, and this character in particular, is intent on telling us that a middle-aged woman on TV has to look like a Real Housewife of Orange County? Rather than being sexy or empowering, it just feels desperate and sad. — Victoria L.

Matt Roush:
Ouch! I agree the styling of Catherine Willows verges on the ludicrous many weeks, but how is this different than the parade of babe-licious DAs on the various Law & Order franchises or the spectacle (to name another for instance) of CSI: NY's Melina Kanakaredes strolling through crime scenes with that mane of hair untamed? None of these shows or characters aims for the realism of Helen Mirren's classic Prime Suspect franchise. Why single her out, and so personally? Although admittedly it's hard to disagree.
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I find it amusing that this woman wonders why Catherine dresses like an exotic dancer. Doesn't she realize that Catherine once WAS an exotic dancer? Sometimes, habits (especially dressing ones) are hard to kick. I personally never really noticed Catherine's makeup being that bad or her clothes being that revealing. Truthfully, I noticed the low cut tops more on Alexx Woods (former Miami ME) than any of the CSI women. :lol:

The heels thing drives me nuts though. But, Catherine isn't the only one to do that. Calleigh sometimes does it too. :lol: And this woman singling out Marg is kind of unfair. Marg probably doesn't even make the wardrobe decisions. Blame the wardrobe department, not her. And tptb could take a little of it too. Although if Marg was unhappy with the clothing, I'm sure she'd speak up. though with how quick tptb were to [briefly] fire Jorja and George that time for being tardy, I'd be a bit afraid to. :lol:

As for the Julia thing... I can pretty much guarantee that had Meg Ryan not turned down the Pretty Woman lead role, most likely no one would even know who Julia Roberts is, cause that's where she basically got her big break.
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I'd like to add that I read pretty much all of Marg's interviews - and I can't recall her making any comment like that...

As for the clothes - if the show were really true to life, they'd all be wearing the white suit things, masks etc.

Besides, as GregNickRyanFan said - she WAS an exotic dancer.
I remember the thing about Marg on Craig's show being about her in a skit. Maybe they took her name off, but the skit will still air?
Quoted from spoiler lab to here regarding TvGuide article..

Unfortunately, I don't believe it is Marg's choice in the matter or Melina K from NY.

Hollywood places such focus on youth and beauty-particularly for women that many women in the late 30s early 40s feel they have no choice in the matter It's either succumb to the power or be unemployed.

Helen Mirren is simply an exception to the norm. But she's an attractive woman though.

However, can one think of Kathy Bates in the role of Catherine Willows? A wonderful actress-an Oscar winning actress!! But you'd never see her in CSI unless she played a deranged suspect because she is an average looking woman. Pretty in her own way, but not a Hollywood way.

If you look at the casting calls of CSI-they call for female 'hot bods' all the time. It's a shame really. TPTB wanted to glamorize science, but instead have turned the show almost misogynistic towards women and average looking ones are the criminal, victims or sexual fetishes like in Big Middle and the beautiful are the heroines.

It's one reason I don't see myself watching the show much longer. I love the characters (especially Nick more because he's a tragic figure IMHO who suffers from the opposite problem, not taken seriously because of his looks) but the misogynistic attitude towards women (and CSI is not the only show) is turning me off.

Thanks for the article,
I read that interview and I don't think Marg was bemoaning about not having Julia's career. She was rather joking about herself not really attracted to all the fame and stuff. But you know, everything and anything can be used as an excuse to not like someone. It's funny, though. The two films mentioned are actually the two most successful movies in Julia's career. :lol: Anyway, I just don't think it's our place to criticize how someone dresses and stuff like that. If they feel comfortable and confident, good for them. Why should anyone thinks of them matters? Oh btw, Victoria L. probably didn't see the pap pic of Helen Mirren in one of those gossip magazines back in June. She was in a red bikini. Personally I think she looked gorgeous, but I wonder what Victoria would say had she seen that pic.

But really, it's not the actresses that decide what they wear on the show. Remember Emily Procter once said something like "do you really think we get to decide what to wear?"

Ugh. It's a TV show. It's fictional. WHY SO SERIOUS?
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*shakes head*. I really don't know what to say to that article/question-answer. I agree with Erica its not our place to judge what they wear, and love what Emily Procter said, that should be put to answer that question. But also, as mentioned, Cath was an exotic dancer in the past, and that really made me laugh that it obviously isn't known by the questioner.
I'd like to add, just for the record, that I like Marg a whole lot better than Julia. :lol: And if they dressed like CSIs in real life, they'd all have to pull their hair back/pin it up and possibly wear something over their hair to keep it from contaminating the crime scene evidence. But, I'd just say to that lady (from the article), "do you know what a remote is?" Hey, if you don't like it, change the freaking channel for crying out loud! :lol:
Exactly, if it were real life, we really wouldn't have much of a show to watch full stop. they'd all be in big white jumpsuits, and we wouldn't be able to tell one character from another.

Also, if it were real life, the show would last about a month per ep at least I guess, for getting results back, sending them off etc etc etc. Which is why it's a show.

I like your idea gregnickryanfan, if you don't like, change channel.

I'd like to add I like Catherines outfits on the whole ;)
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I completely agree. There are some elements of the show where you can't get it absolutley perfect. If you wanted it perfect you might as well go and watch the forensics channel.

As for the clothes i have never been bothered about what any of them wear. It' s a show about crime not fashion. So what she wears low cut tops. I have seen far worse on tv than that.

And as for the fact that the beautiful women are always the heroines, its a matter of opinion. You cannot label someone as "Hollywood pretty" everyone has flaws and their own ulgy side. Just because someone plays a suspect or murderer doesn't mean they arent pretty enough to play a higher role. Its just a role they were picked for.

And fiinally that tv guide article was disgusting and rude towards Marg. It made out as if she was setting a bad example. If they got there facts straight they would realise that she has no choice in her wardrobe, and have they even been paying attention to what she wears in here normal everyday life or at awards. Feel free to say that Catherine Willows outfits are bad and you feel they set a bad example but not Marg, they are two completely different people.

Rant over.:)
You are absolutely right. Marg wears what they tell her to wear ... what the writers/producers, etc feel is right for the character and the character's personality. To loop Marg personally into that and attack her was very irresponsible of that person in that article. And IMO, it was irresponsible of TV Guide to publish the comments.
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