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I was trying to sort my Marg clips last night and saw her first Oprah interview (I think it was her first Oprah appearance, but I'm not sure). She told Oprah about the name of her production company. So the suggestion for a thread title I'm having in mind now is "Don't Call Me Marge!" lol.
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So the suggestion for a thread title I'm having in mind now is "Don't Call Me Marge!" lol.
Will go into the suggestion box (who is keep track? lol)

Marg Helgenberger: Jaw Dropping, Eye-Popping Goodness
To long has to be within reason of it will fit on the line and not stretch the board out. :lol: Try again. (feels so like a game show or bad lottery ticket).
Does anyone know about an event called LA Power of Choice? Because obviously it was held at Dana Delany's house and Marg was there, but there is no information on when it was. I'm dying to know. lol.
After a quick google search, I found this here
-->"Los Angeles Power of Choice Reception with special guest speakers
Nancy Keenan, NARAL Pro-Choice America President & Amy Everitt,
NARAL Pro-Choice California Executive Director
Hosted by Dana Delany and Host Committee Chairs: Debbon Ayer, Dana Baratta, Ann Colgin, Carol Olson Coote, Marcia Cross, Karen & Frank Dabby, Carol Flint, Annabeth Gish & Wade Allen, Janet Grillo, Deborah Haggis, Mariska Hargitay, Marg Helgenberger, Ricki Lake, Carol Leifer & Lori Wolf, Amy Madigan & Ed Harris, Kim Newton, Patti Rockenwagner, Cherie Rodgers-Nozik, Vivian Shimoyama, Corky Hale Stoller & Mike Stoller, Brenda Strong, Holland Sutton, Leslie Urdang, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Bradley Whitford
Thursday, September 18, The Home of Dana Delany (address upon RSVP)
6:00pm-8:30pm Tickets start at $500" <--

Dana, Marg, Mariska, and Marcia at the same event? Dang!! WHERE are all the pics?!
Oooh thanks for the info, kay. So that was a private thing. I have been looking but I only found two pics of Dana (one with Marg). I doubt there will be more...
That's interesting, sounds like it was a good, private event. it's a shame there's not many pictures though.
Okay, yay for pictures with Marg and Dana, but OMG! with Marcia and Mariska there too?

If anyone gets a pic of all four together, that would be like...*thud*
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pics besides the two I mentioned before. It's cool to know that they were all there for the same reason, though. :)
hello there! did marg attend last sunday's emmys? i hope she did..because i didn't. (lolz! hehehe.)
No xambau, no Marg at the Emmys. There was a picture of her receiving her award for Best Supporting Actress in 1990, but it flashed by and Marg herself wasn't actually there. :(

BTW, I read that Marg is going to be on the 2nd Annual virtual walk for cancer ;)
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