Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy

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I'm watching Harvest right now... Marg looks so great. I always feel bad for Catherine when the victim's mom accuses her of not being there for Lindsey.

Oh, and thanks, Destiny!
cath got a lot of play in the episodes on spike today. harvest, down the drain, viva las vegas..etc
really good variations she's playing!
I loved Viva Las Vegas
Cath was great at the end when she caught that naughty Chris...

I really loved Harvest You got to see her conflict over what to do about Lindsey. Too bad Doc wasn't more supportive.
Yeah, I was surprised at Doc about that one. Then again, it was interesting to see how many parents were for that move and against that move.

My parents were for it - mum told me that if I ever wanted to start smoking, she'd take me up to the cancer ward of our local hospital where a lot of them have had tongues, throats, voice boxes, etc removed due to smoke related disease.

Put me off smoking forever!
I think my mom told me similar stuff. LOL. I wonder if that's why we can identify with Catherine doing that to Lindsey. I do think that Lindsey had learned something from that. :)

It's National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (or something like that? LOL) in the U.S. so I'm expecting to see Marg doing stuff besides CSI. Go Marg!

ETA: Thanks to Heather. :D
LOL Erica
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month
and it's something close to Marg

Hahaha thanks for the correction, Heather. The talks about breast cancer reminded me of something that probably isn't appealing to Marg fans.

Well, I've seen people go around and post about how Marg has fake boobs and that truly annoys me. If you ask me whether she has something done, I'd tell you that I don't know, but I think it could be possible (I don't care anyway). However, I just don't see the possibility of her having fake boobs, and that's not because of my opinion regarding plastic surgeries (again, I don't really care as long as it's not over the top IMO). In fact, Marg's mother, Kay, is a survivor of breast cancer. She had it when Marg was quite young. I seriously don't believe anyone with that kind of a family history in breast cancer would risk their life to have their boobs done.

*steps down from her soap box*

Well Marg even said herself in a Playboy interview, that her breasts were natural, aswell as when she did the interview with Howard Stern a couple of years back, he asked her if she had fake boobs and she said no. Plus, I really don't think she's the kind of person who would go under the knife for something that serious.
The one man who would know is having a birthday today. Happy birthday to Alan Rosenberg, Marg's real life husband and the actor who played Adam Novak on a couple of episodes of CSI.
Happy Birthday Alan! :D whoohoo! I wish we'd see him on CSI again.

Yeah Marg's curves are natural. You could see them even way back in the 80s in Ryan's Hope. :D

Btw, check this out: Marg's riding a go-kart in this video/interview. ET Online- CSI Goes on a Bumpy Ride (Spoiler-ish) Glad to see the cast of CSI having fun. I think Marg was leading in the race... until Gary Dourdan overtakes her. :D The other people behind them are Eric (wearing the black shirt) and I don't know who's the other guy, could be Robert David Hall.
Happy Birthday Alan :D I hope Marg's given you a great day. :lol:

Hehe I love the go-kart bit in the clip. They seem to have so much fun. I think if Marg wants it, she could rule them all. :D
hey where is everyone?
wow i haven't posted in this thread for...*thinks*...way too long! so, hi. :)
happy belated birthday alan...sorry i'm late.

it was great to see more of catherine in Á la cart. and i agree, she could have beaten them all because cath rocks!

oh btw, go to the elimination game and vote for our girl. we don't want her to get eliminated do we?

Cathwillows is right! Please go to the elimination game and help Catherine out!

Hahah...yeah you could see her grin when she was racing all her friends. I can't wait for the next episode.
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