Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy

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I popped in to say I saw the interview with Craig

He's cute, I love his accent... :)

Marg, what can I say...
She really said she was bored?? but I think he lightened up the mood by bringing the conversation around to something else
I like the idea of her wanting to move to Chicago.
Her taliking about her son was so cute :)
She did talk some about Catherine's former specialty in blood spatter and now it's in .... PROTEIN.
that whole conversation made me laugh :lol:

I thought the interview overall was very cute and well done

Rascal Flatts, Craig Morgan Set for Frosted Pink Special

Rascal Flatts, Craig Morgan, Olivia Newton-John and Joss Stone will perform in Santa Monica, Calif., during Frosted Pink, a music and ice-skating special scheduled to air Oct. 14 on ESPN on ABC. Other musical performers include Anastacia, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and Heart. The program is aimed at raising awareness of breast cancer and available treatments. The special will also include appearances by Peggy Fleming, Sharon Osbourne, William Baldwin, Oksana Baiul, Sasha Cohen, Kristi Yamaguchi and Marg Helgenberger. It will re-air on the Style Network beginning on Oct. 22.
Make sure you don't miss it. :)
Especially those in American who can cap and clip it for us poor out of towners ;) you think we'll see Marg ice-skating? That's so stolen from one of my fics.
lol I remember that fic. A very sweet one. :) I wonder what performance she'll show us, too. I hope somebody could clip it for us who don't live in the U.S. I know I'll be grateful forever. :)
I'm going to be so disappointed if Marg doesn't get to sing with Ann & Nancy Wilson. We know that everyone says Marg is a rock n roll girl, so I guess just having her on the same program with Heart will be cool.
She was so great in that movie.

I was glad to see the red in her hair for the CSI premiere. GO the redhead!
i just saw marg's big scene "You think if you got no uterus, and no breasts, you're still technically a woman?" nearly made me cry!
very powerful.
love her as a redhead as well drumchik!
ITA, kay. I really really hope that Marg gets to sing this time and that we'll finally get to really listen to her sing. :D
I love her in Erin Brockovich (sp?) she received rave reviews in her performance in that movie.

Thanks E for the info.. I hope she'll sing with Heart too.. :D if that won't happen I'm ok with Marg+Anastacia or Marg+Joss Stone (omg that would be uber hot!) :eek:

That "Frosted Pink Special" is also sponsored by National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund (1), just like the Les Girls Cabaret event she was supposed to be attending. But her name (along w/ Pussycat Dolls, Dana Delany) are not in the list of the Les Girls Cabaret performers anymore. (2) :( Might be because of their super busy scheds. I thought we'll have a Marg-filled October, sigh.
Heads up mod in the room... :lol: and you all probably thought Crap what have we done now. :p

It was brought to my attention that Alan Rosenberg real life Hubby of Marg Helgenberger will have a birthday coming up on Oct 4. He will be 57 yrs old. Even though he has played Adam Novak on CSI he hasn't been on enough eps to qualify for the birthday thread. So for that day only we are going to go against the grain (Because he is Margs Hubby) and allow the Birthday wishes to be posted in here.

Should he get the required number of appearances on the show to be in the Star B-day thread, then his name at that time will go in there.

Okay now you all can breath, I mean seriously if I was going to yell in this post I would have done it by now. Have a good day. :p
thanks for the update
we had a substitute pastor at my church the day ( who talked way too much, btw) but he reminded me so much of alan...the way he looked nad
then i was stuck with the episodes he's been in running through my head all through the service
just thought i'd share!

oh, and she was fantabulous in erin brookovich. loved her!!
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