Mac #2 - Squeeze My Hand

Ok, I put a new line on my siggy, Proud to be a Taylor Girl.
Yeah baby!!!
Do we need a special badge? :cool:
*Giggle* This thread is cracking me up at the moment!! Nice work with those lyrics, guys! Count me in to be one of the Taylor Girls!! We should so come up with a badge, or t-shirt, or something... Ranma, that banner is gorgeous!
Mel ... yes we are more than five but i thought about the Jackson five and... you know... but the Taylor girls are a lot.... at least there are hundreds of them :lol: :lol:

I want t-shirts!!!! I like it better....

feenx... it's too early to be that naughty!!! (mmm... i want Mac, i need Mac)

Oh!!! I love everyone's signatures... we are a bunch of proud Taylor girls
*feels sorry for Mac today even though he's not real* *gives him big hugs*

hehe I love your new siggy. I don't know what I wanna do with mine yet.

Darn it, Horatio, that pic won't show. Can you repost it?
We do need something to show people we are proud to be a Taylor Girl :D

I hope H_L doesn't mind that i post the pic.
Yay!!! Yes a Taylor girl banner... i'm not good at doin' them but i'm sure here we have creative and talented people... we want a banner!
Agree. I think it'll be a hoot to have the same banner. Anyone willing to make one? We could all vote for it or something :D