Mac #2 - Squeeze My Hand

Fantastic idea ranma! Lets get a couple of goods ones made up and cast a vote. It'd be so cool to have a Taylor Girls banner... mind you, I think yours is pretty neat!!
Sorry, I'm out...dunno how to make animated :(

Another question: what do we write? I see many different lines in your siggy... :rolleyes:
i don't know how about we come up with some or choose one from our siggy's and then vote.
Maybe well have to go request the banners at the Fan art thread.
I think you are all right. The best thing we can do is to find a good Mac pic, a good slogan and find help in the fan art thread.

I need my Taylor girl banner now! :lol: :lol:

My Slim Macky banner is drivin' me crazy!
Because CotP aired here last night:


Awww, i still have to wait almost two month till CotP aires here :( :( :(

Hey and i'm a Taylor-Girl,too!!! (Slim Macky rulez!)

Besides how do i get a banner in my siggy :confused: