Mac ♥ Stella #16 - His heart will follow her home.

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Just a present for this (grey) Sunday (only here ;) :D

Aww, that's such a cute pic, that has to be one of my favorite *and I'm sure a lot of your favorites too* scenes for last season. I just loved the little conversation that they had just then, it really made me squee, I loved how she was 'reading' his coffee granules, hehe it was just an adorable little moment. Hopefully we'll have lots more cute little scenes like that one to look forward to next season. :adore:
We can see that things are starting to change between them, but they still need some kind of little push in the right direction, hopefully the finale will have given us that, but like you said, it should be taken slowly and done right... I really hope that TPTB don't mess this us... It's not the kind of thing that should be taken lightly, it needs to do done over time, to work out properly.

Thanks for all your well wishes about my trip, I'll be sure to tell you all about it whenever I get back. :D

I believe we shouldn't be worried because things have been developed in such subtle and sweet way that i am sure it will give us great pleasure when Smacked happens :D
Of course, i do expect closeness and sweetness just to please us meanwhile we wait it happens. And a little kiss would be fantastic (under the rain. Gio's idea or Axel's :D )

I think Smacked is going to be SUPERBE in Season 6. There is no way to go back (not after 5.24 and the end of 5.25)
Hopefully we will watch how it makes stronger in front of our eyes at the beginning of the season and how it becomes true at the end of S6

Caps courtesy of our Rach :D


I really hope you're right Debbie, but like you said, after the great scenes that we had at the end of last season, surely things can only get better? I'm hoping that TPTB will finally pull through for us. :adore: That cap of their hug is adorable, that was such an emotional scene. I love how Mac was there for her, it really showed that he cares, I mean come on, you don't fly half way across the world for just anyone... We've certainly had lots of subtle hints, I just hope that they continue. :D I made a little welcome banner for the new thread. Hope you guys don't mind?
Oh my gosh, this thread's almost done! I can't believe it. I will always remember this thread because it was number 16 (The lucky SMACked number) AND Grounds For Deception took place during this thread :adore:

I'm posting a quick post right now 'cause I don't have time to go over all the posts. I'm just going to say, I am thinking positive for Season 6. There's not other way to go but forward. Even TPTB realizes that if they go back, they'll lose viewers.

Oh, I so have proof now that the writers and stuff read the sites. MT recently got season 7 of CSI Las Vegas and we watched the episode Lab Rats with commentary and the writer of the episode (Can't remember her name right now) said something about Carol Mendelsohn had read something on chat sites about stuff they'd put in. If the head of one series reads the sites, you know they all do :adore: So, there eally is a chance they come here :D

If only we had proof....Anyway, love, love, LOVE the pictures above! Have a great evening everyone.

Hehe, I hope you're right Kaila, I'd love for some of our suggestions to happen, well maybe not even our suggestions, just the hope of Mac and Stella ending up together some time in the not too distant future... :lol: You're right, it seems like no time since we were opening this thread, and just think of how many awesome scenes we've have since then... 2 more hugs, and a kiss on the cheek... As well as our adorable scene where Stella was reading Mac's coffee granules... Season 5 has been awesome for our couple, especially towards the end, I've got high hopes for season 6. :D
I really can't imagine Mac saying "Mommy, would you like to have dinner with me in this new Greek restaurant":guffaw:

ok, now you've scared me :lol::eek:

I agree with you and with Steph. Probably it's something it was made on purpose because producers wanted a "Family" feeling but at the end it was something it was born naturally because all actors seem to be pretty closed:)

i tell ya what they seem closer than most real families i know!!
I'm with you on that one Lisa, the team are so closely knit... They have an adorable relationship, with Mac and Stella at the head. It always seems that they can sort any problems they have out together, and no one is ever afraid of what they're going to have to say to another member, because they know that they can be totally open and honest with each other... Mac and Stella are like the glue that holds the team together. :D
Seeing as we're almost at 1000 posts, I'm going to close this thread. You can find Mac ♥ Stella #17 here. Enjoy the new thread. :D
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