Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

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Someone know more about this tatoo?
Here is a link to see the part with Carmine Giovinazzo in "Life is out in Cracktown"

honestly I prefer Danny Messer but that's the show:vulcan::vulcan:

Life Is Hot in Cracktown was showing on the Movie Network tonight. I find the coincidence funny that I come back here and someone posted about it... :) But I only caught the movie at the end so that sucks; I know how every character ends! Anyone else had the chance to watch the movie?

According to Hill Harper's chat today, Carmine is apparently writing an episode this season. What do you guys think of that?? Excited? Scared? :lol: I'm curious to see how it will turn out....

Excited! Carmine definitively knows his character very well and he probably has tons of ideas that he'd like to try on Danny! Based on what he said about what he likes about acting and writing, I'm just very excited -- and curious about his script considering what will happen on the show in the upcoming episodes. I wonder if that'll grant him enough credibility in the milieu so he can finally make his own movie (which I can't remember the title for the life of me)?

Oh, and I have one silly hope with Carmine's episode... Some good Danny and Flack scenes! :lol: PLLLLEASE?! Just one, at least. Please, please, please, please, pleeeaase!

I wonder who's next for writing an episode?! I think it's great that the show allows the actors with aspiring careers in production/writing to do this. :thumbsup: I haven't seen that happen a lot.
I'm sitting here watching "Sanguine Love" with my folks and I mentioned that "the dude who plays Danny" wrote the episode. Without any prompting, my step dad says, "I used to really like Danny. He was a really cool character and then they hooked him up with that chick and they fell in love and now I don't like him anymore." We then had a nice discussion about how he was great as a supporting character but then they put the relationship front and center and he became boring and the fact that neither of us like Lindsay adds to the dislike of Danny now.

See, CSI: NY. It's not just Carmine fangirls who have lost their love of Danny and who dislike Lindsay. It's 55 year old, married men too. Buy a clue.
I guess they thought it could buy them money instead of a clue. I like how Carmine didn't write anything with Lindsay in his episode, hahaha! I'm sure it was nothing personnal, but maybe unconscious? Or just respecting some continuity... as Lindsay is part-time and all...

Also, Danny seemed less dead than usual. Maybe playing for his own script revived the ole energy? Hum.

'Was cool to hear Ceesau!
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