Liz Vassey/Wendy Simms Thread

I found three promo pics from the show The Tick. Liz as superhero......

:lol: I guess so..... I kno she can rescue me anytime instead of spiderman or any other superhero
I love her clothing line . i love how its just a shirt with a little phrase on it i like the one that says "i like the library" haha im such a nerd and the one that says " i use big words to impress people" lol how true. but both of those are sold out too bad :( but my God she is so gorgeous
her smile is so gorgeous


two three
Oohh those pictures are great. Especially the second one. thanks for posting these. :)
I'm sorry, I haven't read through this thread, so I apologise if this has been asked before - but does anyone else think she resembles Alyssa Milano whilst on the show?
That picture with the doggie is just too cute AlexxWoods

and theatresporter now you say she looks a bit like Alyssa Milano, but I think its the fact that they both look like asian dolls with their eyes for some reason.
I think the hairdryer got into a fight with the hair extensions... but that is just my opinion.