Lindsay Love Thread

I haven't been around here very long and just discovered this thread. Yay! We need to counteract the "Why Lindsay Must Go" thread. I think she is cool. And I love that she is countrified but still surprises everyone by breaking out of the stereotype.

I forgot how much fun Cool Hunter was. I missed it due to work (I think... its a toss up between that or school..ugh) but, thankfully the hotel I was staying at, and the fact that I wasnt too toasted... (its from being down in that gutter over at the Flack thread)... anyway, I loved Lindsay/Anna in this ep, I loved the interrogation scene her and Flack did on the doctor... loved it!! For me, I enjoy her subtle moments more then her big explosive ones - which are very few and far between at the moment, but I love at the start of the season when she kind of went off on Danny, it was that really like naggy kinda flirting, you're fighting but its turning into a mutual flirting. Almost like the boy picking on the girl he likes on the playground.
Welcome, Ihatepeas---cute name. :)

The episode "Cool Hunter" is a good one.

Lindsay does have some quirky and country girl ways, but the writers have shown that she's much more than just a Montana girl. ;)

OT: ^San Diego is a great city! :)
Wednesday was the first time I'd ever seen Cool Hunter, and I smiled through the whole thing, from Danny's tank top to "Make Tracks Cowboy". :D
yeah, San Diego is a nice city. I liked it for the beaches... well more technically... the surf, was awesome dude!! (yes, I'm from cali.. deal with, but anyway, I think that is one of my favorite lines Lindsay says throughout the season, "Make tracks cowboy" made me laugh...
"Make Tracks Cowboy" was a great's funny because I doubt Danny had ever been called 'cowboy' before. LOL!

Only Lindsay would say something like that. Which is a good thing. I kind of like that she has that kind of boldness mixed with a little bit of quirkiness. :)

Radical---I know. I couldn't help but smile through that whole episode either. Lots of good things!
Only Lindsay would say something like that. Which is a good thing. I kind of like that she has that kind of boldness mixed with a little bit of quirkiness.

Oh I completely agree - she's got this perfect mix of confidence without being cocky or annoying - it's great. I love the playful, flirty, I'm-going-to-get-under-your-skin-just-beacuse-i-can type of thing going on. Ahhhhhh so great. :)

I also grinned like a moron through all of Cool Hunter.
And City of the Dolls
And Stuck On You.
(And the comforting scene in All Access, which I just watched about 10 minutes ago).

Sigh. As always: 88 days remaining.
I loved Lindsay in Cool Hunter. After rewatching the interrogation scene, I noticed how she was displaying her frustration. Loved how she argued with Mac- would like to see more of it next season.
^Yes, it does. But it's great to see angst mixed here and there with a little bit of fun, too. ;)

Pizzapie, I also liked how she was willing to defend her beliefs to Mac, despite the fact that he is her boss.

One of Lindsay's best scenes came in "Dances With Fishes." Actually there are probably a couple of great scenes. I enjoyed how she held her own up against Officer Murphy---she proved she wasn't just a pushover---and I can certainly understand her annoyance with his "Dorothy" comments. Another scene in which she showed a lot of guts and strength, came at the end of "DWF." I thought she was wonderful when she stood up to the woman by defending the young girl that had been murdered. :)

Here's a nice pic: Pretty in Pink

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