LIMS #6 Final Challenge!: 140x140 - Winners!

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It's alright guys...i was afraid that i wouldn't be able to make it for the next round even if i made it through this round because of congratulation to LivingEnd and fo_pozzle and sorry to see you go too, HappilyHappy and i might be able to enter next time...good luck to all the remaining challengers..
Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 1: No Brushes ~ Voting!

Challenge 2: Movies!

This week's challenge is a bit different. It may sound complicated, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lot of questions, but I believe it could be a lot of fun.

And so, you have to choose one movie quote from the list of 100 Best Movie Quotes and use it in your icon. In addition, your icon has to be in black&white, however you can (but don't have to) use color for text (which means for the quote you've chosen). There are no other restrictions, and no captions provided. I'm looking forward to seeing some amazing old-movie looking icons or whatever else you come up with!

* Use one full quote from the source mentioned above.
* Your icon has to be in black&white (except for the text, if you prefer it in color).
* Use 1 picture of your choice, from any of the 3 shows. Episode promos allowed.
* No animations allowed.
* Your entry icon has to be 100x100 pixels in size, and in PNG, JPG or GIF format
* To submit an entry PM me, Adzix, ONE icon that follows the rules stated above. Please include a link and the icon itself. In the title of your PM put LIMS Challenge 2.
* The challenge is anonymous. Do not go and ask people to vote for your icon, it's so not cool. Also, do not post your icon anywhere until after the results of this challenge are posted.
* If you would like to use your free pass for this challenge, you MUST send me a PM to say so. If you forget, you will be automatically eliminated.
* Deadline is Wednesday, July 9.

And most importantly - Have Fun! :)

If anybody has any questions, do not hesitate to ask in this thread.
Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 1: No Brushes ~ Voting!

PHHHHHHH! for the second round your making it sound so complicated hahaha!

But I think I understand, so would the brushes/textures you use have to be b/w aswell, just wondering?!
LIMS #6 Challenge 2: Movies! Now Up

^ haha, sorry. i know everybody here is very creative so i really wanted to post this challenge early in the competition ;)

yup, everything has to be in black&white, except for the quote you're using (which could be in color, but doesn't have to. it's your choice). you can use anything you want, brushes, textures, whatever effects, any layers etc, but the final result has to be in grayscale.
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And just to clarify--we can use caps from any CSI series?

Looks like it's going to be a tough challenge. :eek:
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yes, any cap from any CSI show, including episode promos, is allowed :)
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Adzix - Don't get me wrong I LOVE challenges like this but it just took a while for me to get my head around the rules and what we had to do lol. ah, I see just the text can be colour! Okays thanks for clearing that up! :)

I'm with Geni on this one this will be a very hard challenge! :eek: I will have to really get creative with this one! ;)
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wow, i didin't think it would be so hard to understand. to sum it all up there is just two main rules: the quote and the grayscale. :) but i'm here to answer all other questions.
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Wow... That is really a challenge. I will try my best.
But your idea Adzix is condemned great ! Sounds interested and funny.:thumbsup:
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hah, thanks Becci :)

yes dopebabygirl, it has to be readable. we need to know what quote you used, right? ;)
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^^I second that! It's a very original challenge, and I love it :thumbsup:
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Adz, very cool! I love it :D Can't wait to get started :D