LIMS #6 Final Challenge!: 140x140 - Winners!

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Alright, time for the next challenge!

LIMS #6 Challenge 9: Textures!

Another odd challenge, guys. :p I'm providing 4 different textures (all by 77words). You have to choose and use one of them to create your icon. You can choose whatever picture from whichever show (only screencaps though), you can blend 2 or more pics, and use all of the techniques available to you. The only restriction is to make use of one of the provided textures.



* You have to use one texture from the ones provided above.
* Choose your own screencap(s) from any CSI show.
* All effects, including blending, layers, text, brushes etc. allowed and welcome.
* No animations allowed.
* Your entry icon has to be 100x100 pixels in size, and in PNG, JPG or GIF format
* To submit an entry PM me, Adzix, ONE icon that follows the rules stated above. Please include a link and the icon itself. In the title of your PM put LIMS Challenge 9.
* The challenge is anonymous. Do not go and ask people to vote for your icon, it's so not cool. Also, do not post your icon anywhere until after the results of this challenge are posted.
* If you would like to use your free pass for this challenge, you MUST send me a PM to say so. If you forget, you will be automatically eliminated.
* Deadline is Thursday, November 27th.

Questions? Concerns?
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Question: Can I use more than 1 texture? Example: I use 2 of the textures provided or I use 1 of the texture provided and another from my own collection?
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Cool idea !!! :)

I have a question, can the textures be altered? I mean change the color, opacity, clone parts, make them black and white...
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MelC, you are allowed to use more than one texture, no matter if it is one provided by me, or one from your own collection.

Daquien, yes the textures may be altered. ETA: except the clonning and cutting part. you can't take only one 10x10 piece from the texture and clone it. the texture has to be used as a whole. you can, however, change the color, opacity, etc. I just need to be able to recognize which one you used when i look at your icon. If you are using two from the ones i provided, i need to recognize just one of them.

I hope that answers your questions. :)
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Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 9: Textures ~ Now Up!

Just an early reminder that the deadline is in two days, November 27. I'm missing two more entries. :)
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TalkCSI LIMS Challenge 9: Voting!

The remaining 4 icon makers are going to be the finalists, so vote well guys! ;)

Voting Rules:

~ Absolutely anyone may vote!
~ Vote for the Top 2 of least quality, and only one of best quality.
~ Votes for least quality Must have a reason, or they will not be counted. Reasons for best quality are strongly encouraged.

(the following examples may have been "borrowed" from other sources)

Good Examples:
34: Text is oddly placed
50: Icon is over sharpened
62: Image is too blurry

Poor Examples:
96: I don't like the colour (personal preference)
52: Tiny text/decorative brushes are unreadable (it's supposed to be that way)

Here are the icons:



Good Luck!
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5 - too blurry
4 - blurry

3 - nice colourng and crop
Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 9: Textures ~ Voting Open!


5- Too blurry.
6- Ryan's face is too orange.


4- Great composition.
Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 9: Textures ~ Voting Open!

06 - Face is too orange.
02 - The face is a bit dark/contrasty and a bit overpowering

01 - I really liked how clean and nice this icon look. It looks fresh and yet the color is soothing. :)

Frankly speaking, it's so hard to choose, it's all so well done!
Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 9: Textures ~ Voting Open!

5: too blury
2: the crop is a little overpowering

3: I adore what you did with the texture
Re: LIMS #6 Challenge 9: Textures ~ Voting!


01 - a little blurry on Stella's face
04 - Danny is a little blurry


05- nice blend and I like the softness of the pic too