Josh Groban ~Grobanites Unite!~

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Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

He needs to come to the SE United States. It's been 2 years since I have seen him live.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Woooo, page 2??? :eek: no good! :lol:

Tonight there will be the last European concert for Josh, in London.
But... there are rumors that he'll be back soon, on November, for other concerts!!! :D :D :D
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

You guys have really kept this thread alive :D *is proud*!

I thought I'd share this with you guys. Its Josh in a seventh grade textbook. Really! :lol:
Front & Center

And I thought this was cute. Its from when he let ALL of the fans, who had waited outside to talk to him in the wind and rain, give HIM autographs.

Praising the fangirls
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

I want to get back to school... :lol:

Do you hear the last gossips???
Josh is coming back to Europe soon! :eek:
At the Frankfurt concert, an Italian friend of mine asked him when he'll come here in Italy, and he said "soon".
In Brussels he said he'll be back on November, no idea of the date/venue.
Yesterday he said he will sing for the Diana Memorial concert on July 1st.

On July 5th Bocelli will have a HUGE concert here in Italy. Major guest star: David Foster.
They say there will be many international famous singers at this concert, plus US television.
Now, Josh second leg tour will begin on July 17th.
Can it be... that THIS is the "coming soon to Italy" he promised??? :eek:
It would be great, but the ticket prices are MAD! :(

So... I hope for the "maybe" November :p
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

That photo of him with his arms up, saluting the fans is cute.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

You never know what Josh is going to do. I know he will eventually return to Italy and he does travel a whole lot with David Foster--so there is a big possibility that Josh may be in tow.

Here is another pic of Josh from that series.

Josh with a REAL fan.

He said he couldn't find a towel for the fans to dry off with (from the rain) so he picked the fan up and said, "Okay, it doesn't circulate so this is going to be manual--ya know, that means ME rotating. HEY, you ladies take turns being at the front. NO! Don't worry its not cold air. If it was, I wouldn't be so sweat-tay." :lol:
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

I saw that pic before, but I had no idea he said that :lol: :lol: :lol:
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Lots of new stuff concerning Josh to update you guys on:

Josh makes AOL's list of sexiest single men

There is an article on him in Spirit Magazine, about halfway down the page:

iPod Accessories
Josh Groban may look like your average guitar-toting college student, but don’t be fooled. The 26-year-old baritone won’t be playing at your local cafe anytime soon. Groban is one of America’s hottest pop artists and has sold more than 14 million records since the release of his eponymous double-platinum debut album. His most recent release, Awake, includes ballads sung in French and Italian, as well as collaborations with rocker Dave Matthews, jazz legend Herbie Hancock, and South Africa’s Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Now touring, the musician is rarely seen without his iPod when he’s on the road. During a brief tour stop, Groban shared a few of his most essential music player accessories.
link for rest of article

An article from the UK's Hampton Review

This is from his website Josh on BBC
Posted: June 11th 2007
Josh will be performing with Sarah Brightman at the Concert for Diana taking place at Wembley Stadium on July 1st in London. It will be broadcast on the BBC and other affiliates around the globe. Check you local listings

And this one is also from his site Josh sings Lennon's 'Imagine', for a noble cause
Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur
Posted: June 13th 2007
Josh covers John Lennon's classic song 'Imagine' for the new Amnesty International Make Some Noise Campaign - Instant Karma: The Campaign To Save Darfur. The regular album features U2, Green Day, Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Snow Patrol and many more. Josh's track is featured on an exclusive bonus EP on the American Express version of the album.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

OMG!! I hope they play the one with Sarah Brightman here in teh US. MY mom loves her and Josh. She would be in heaven. I like Sarah Brightman's voice a lot too.

Oh and Josh singing Imagine. **already has shivers going down spine*
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Thanks for sharing that stuff with us, HAM. Its easy to understand why Josh would make any sexy list -- much less the single sexy one. :lol:
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

That Concert for Diana thing will be aired all day on VH1 Classic on July 1st.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Yeah, from 4pm to 10pm!!! :eek:
I gotta watch it online, because here in Italy the concert is on pay-tv (SKY VIVO, channel 109) and I haven't SKY :(
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Yeah I will probably be setting my DVR to record it. I hope we get a list of when everyone will be on ahead of time so I can just get it when he is on.