Josh Groban ~Grobanites Unite!~

Grade 'Rest in Pieces'

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Fans of the man with the big voice post here or learn about the international sensation :D...
I think Josh Groban is a great singer. I found out about him through a friend. Can't wait for him to release a new CD
He's quite good... my only problem is in some of the songs I don't understand the words... French and Italian are foreign to me. My favorite song is You Raise Me Up.
CSI3, I know what you least they sound pretty!:)
I'm not really sure which is my favourite song. You Raise Me Up is a good one.
i couldnt pick JUST ONE of the choices above. LOL so i just put awesome.

i remember sometime last year my parents came home from a party at their friends house and they watched a concert on TV and all of a sudden..they got obsessed! his voice is amazing and i love it! we have all his CDs but my favorite song by him will always be SI VOLVIERAS A MI! i love singing to it..I LOVE IT!
For those of you who don't know who he is you probably saw him sing at the 2003 Super Bowl honoring those that died in the shuttle crash. Hands up, the most decent preformance that night!
I love Josh. Doesn't matter what mood I'm in I can always listen to him

So true...

I don't think I can pick a favorite song... but I do love "Mi Morena" and "To Where You Are". His latest album is amazing... he's absolutely brilliant.

I've just started listening to him in the past few months, but I'm already a full-fledged Grobanite. It nearly killed me when our local arena showed a commercial that he was coming, but as it turns out, he came LAST sumer and they aired the wrong thing. Even worse... I babysat for my neighbors when THEY went.

I can't wait for a new album. :D
hahahaha I was just watching a rerun of "Saturday Night Live" and I saw that they had paired "Josh" with "Toby Keith". The sketch wasn't too flattering for either of them but it was definitely funny. Two of my favorite artists put together... who would have thought?