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Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Yesterday Josh did an interview at a swedish show.
Check this site, (scroll down until you see Josh! :lol:)!
He sings two songs (YAL and February Song), and there is this long, amazing interview!!!
He talks about Sweden, the concerts, his life and (my favorite part) he receives two gifts: a bottle of red wine and a chocolate box!
He looks GREAT, and when the woman talks in swedish... oh, his eyes and smile...
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

I love that interview!! He was so cute in it. Thanks for posting that.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

That is an awesome interview, Nim its amazing how long Josh can smile without stopping :lol: he really is a happy guy.

Sorry about the image and thanks for editiing it for me, Tink.

Josh merchandise is actually real easy to order from his online store ( and it ships internationally. There's lots of cool stuff there. I've bought a tote bag, the Internet only edition cd (which has the song Awake on it), and some tees.

And I do hope things go well for him in Australia. I know he is fairly known in Australia since that radio show he did there earlier this year had a lot of people calling in.

And a new lovely pic of Josh in high resolution. Love love love his eyes in this pic. Thud warning on this one!:
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

WOW!!! That is a fantastic photo of him. His eyes are beautiful in that shot.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Hummer said:
Sorry about the image and thanks for editiing it for me, Tink.
Don't worry, no problem at all. ;)

Thank you for the store link Hummer. It's awesome, I've been looking through it this morning. It has some great stuff and I'm pleased to hear that the store delivers internationally. I noticed a wristband where all proceeds go to the Josh Groban Foundation. Just out of curiosity, does any know what type of foundation it is?

Also, what a wonderful picture Hummer! It's great to come in to a thread a see a totally thud worthy picture of Josh. :D
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

There a site, Grobanites for Charity, where you can find how Josh Foundation helps people around the world :D
There's also a store with lovely merch, but they're still working on the international delivery... :)
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

The JG Foundation is awesome. What it is basically is fans, of Josh of course, who volunteer their time and sell Josh related items (shirts, sketches of him, anything that has to do with Josh) and every last penny goes to his foundation.

The charity has raised more than half a million dollars since its founding in 2004. The money goes to causes for children around the world: an orphanage in Africa; Nelson Mandela's foundation to help fight HIV in Africa; rebuilding a school music department in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; money for the families of the VA Tech tragedy, etc.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

I don't know if I've already posted here on this thread but here goes: I really like Josh Groban's music a lot.

I am in the college age demographic (18-29 year old) and I generally despise a vast majority of music that is directed at this age group but Josh Groban I think is one of the greatest young artists I've heard in more than a decade. The 2000s I think has been a shitty decade for music but Josh Groban injects much needed life into a dying genre and gives me new hope for future new artists.

I recently listened to a song called "America" off a CD called "With You" and I think it's one of his strongest songs to date, beating out just about anything off "Awake" even though that CD too had good songs on it too. I can't say that he ranks with Seal but from post-1999 standards, Groban is perhaps one of the greatest new artists to come on the music scene in the last ten years.

I look forward to many new albums in the future though I think he could experiment a little bit. I liked the style he used on "Machine" and "Never Let Go" and I hope to here more of the style of NLG in future albums.

Whatever the case though, Groban brings much needed charachter to a mostly lifeless music scene.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Yay!!! :D

America is a song by Paul Simon, and I think it's in the Live At The Greek album...right? :confused:
Yeah, I love Machine, and I'm soooo happy he was able to add his touch to the Awake album!!! :)
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Welcome Axatullux! Josh does sing the Paul Simon song 'America' well. I know Simon was definately impressed with it and helped with 'Awake,' and will help with the next album (not the Christmas one).

Here is something that I can across that I found interesting. This article was ACTUALLY written by Josh himself. He's a great writer. The boy-wonder has so many endless talents.
Going for a Song. by Josh Groban
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Thanks for the link! Moving article... Everytime I listen to Weeping, I find myself so happy for him :) be able to sing with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, one of his heroes... yay Joshi! :lol:

And... picture time!
Thanks to Alcastar who met him and took this lovely pic in Stockholm
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Heee, so cute. Although I still prefer just hearing his angelic voice sing. :D
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

Here is a new article concerning Josh and Nelson Mandela:

Groban credits his 'Muse' Mandela

That is a lovely pic of him! Thanks for sharing Nim. He's probably the only guy in the music biz that doesn't mind stalkery fangirls :lol:. Love how he looks a little suprised there. And love the goofy shirt.
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

does any1 knew when josh will tour the uk? is it the summer or in is it the fall?
Re: Josh Groban ~ Grobanites Unite!~

You missed the first 3 dates :(
05.25.2007 Birmingham, UK. Symphony Hall
05.27.2007 Manchester, UK. Bridgewater Hall
05.28.2007 Glasgow, UK. Clyde Auditorium

The last one in UK is the London one:
06.06.2007 London, UK. Hampton Court Festival

Posted: May 29th 2007
Josh is performing "You Are Loved" on Paul O' Grady, which tapes and airs June 2nd. Check local listings for time and channel.