Jesse/Eddie #1 - 'Today's My Last Day...'

hmmm I would assume that CSI Miami could very well continue on years to come, I mean, the CSI franchise is still pretty powerful and money drawer, ratings drop is not just Miami, many other shows have suffered the same drop. I don't think they will kill Miami unless CSI goes first, it would be weird and certainly send up a stir if one series was cancelled when the other two aren't. I would think that other shows would go first before the CSI franchise takes a fall, or it could be like Law & Order and will go on forever even with the dismal ratings.

I would hope that they still keep Jesse Cardoza around, it's nice for Ryan to have an actual friend who doesn't treat him with suspicion and actually enjoys Ryan for who he is and doesn't see him as some replacement.

I too agree that the dead-wife storyline has been overplayed on CSI, a daughter or even a son in the place of that storyline would have been more powerful!
Congratulations Eddie!!!! Best of luck.

BTW!!! Did anyone see that Wes Ramsey (Dave Benton) is a co-star?
Oh these are good news. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch it here but anyways I'm glad.
Just saw the season's 8 finale and there're 5 days till season 9. I truely hate they decided to kill the character after so short amount of time. I was very disappointed when I heard about that at first. But well I'm glad that this season looks better around certain characters and plotline (you know what I'm talking about).
I am not a big fan of CSI Miami, but did catch the last season and loved the Jessie/Eddie character. It is a really big shame that they decided to get rid of him after only one season. It does worry me that this CSI franchise seems to change characters a lot compare to the others, I know it is good to bring in new characters now and again, but not one new person every season.

However, my favourite was ME Alex played by Khandi Alexander, so it is nice to see her now and again even though she has left.

My least favourite is Emily Procter her accent is so annoying you want to switch off the sound every time she is on.