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It's been almost a week since the premiere, what do you guys think about new character Jesse Cardoza? I've definitely observed some varrying opinions around the forum so far so I thought I'd start a thread on the newest addition.

Just be sure to keep any spoilers behind the spoiler tag. :)


I have to say that I like him so far -- what little we saw, I found interesting and I think he has some potential for a few good storylines.
Hmm. I'm really still torn on the subject of Eddie/Jesse. He did well in the premiere, very cute little stud he is ;) & I did like that he was kind & respectful towards the others he crossed paths with, he seemed very mature & well together.
It's all a matter of how tptb handle the rest of the season with him. He's tolerable for me right now -- like everyone else though, I just don't want to see the focus be on him & not the others.....nor do I want him to be presented as Mr.BeefedOutBohunk in every episode.

Having said that now, what we did see of him was actually 12 years ago, so I'm anxious to see if we'll notice any changes to his personality in the upcoming episodes. The established characters were all shown different then - Calleigh was overly hyper, H was lighter, Eric was.. mmm don't have a word for him right now, & Natalia was strangely quiet - the difference in all of them were noticeable, so I'd like to see some subtle changes in Jesse from what we saw in '97 -- just cause he's new shouldn't mean that we just expect him to be the same person he was a decade ago.
I still haven't watched anything but the last few minutes of the episode. Still ticked about the whole Ryan and Nat not getting to speak thing. :lol: But, what I did see of Jesse I like. It helps that I also like Eddie pretty well too. :) I agree with MJ about it depending on how the character is handled from here on out. If he doesn't eat up screentime like pac-man, I'll be fine with it. :)
I'm waiting until I see a few episodes to decide how I feel about Eddie/Jesse.As was mentioned ,I don't want to see a screen hog(Ray in Vegas) I also don't want to see his shirt ripped off for every life threatening situation that comes along.
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I'm not going to make a judgement either way until I've seen him in more than one episode.

I will say, though, that he is very nice to look at, and his acting is great too. I loved Eddie when he was on Criminal Minds, and I'm interested to see where they go with Jesse. But I'm not making a choice on whether or not I like him yet. :)
I don't know what he'll be like in the "present", but I liked him well enough in the past. At least he wasn't an old gruff like Sulley, and was very nice to Calleigh. I'm keeping an open mind until he gives me a reason to close it. :)
I'll say one thing for Eddie...he's better looking now then he was when he was playing Matt Clark on Young and the Restless from 1994 to 1996.
I like Jesse Cardoza. I just hope they don't change the character too drastically from the way he was in the 1997 flashbacks in the season premiere.
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I have to say that this guy is quite charming, I'm looking forward to watching him on the show, hope he's good...I kinda view him as the 'Edward Cullen' of CSI miami because he seemed so charming and laid back in the premiere.
I like him so far. I'm willing to give him a chance. I agree that he shouldn't be moved ahead of actors who have been there for a while. Heck, I'd never even HEARD of Eddie Cibrian before this season. I watch the CSI shows for their storylines, not who's in them.
I am liking him so far......will comment more as time goes on. I hope he doesn't steal screen time from Ryan.
I really like him. I've seen some of Eddie's movies and he was amazing. I'm thrilled he is joining the cast this season. From what I saw in the premiere and in the preview for the second episode it doesn't look like he'll be taking anyone's place or anything so that's good. I am more than willing to give him a chance.
I'm still not too high on Eddie, but will reserve judgement for another few episodes. I am concerned however, that this is going to be another season that introduces the new guy all year long, like with LF. I hope this is not the case and the others get the screentime they deserve.
hi all ...should read more before posting then I would have found this threat sooner ^^°... but whatever

Jesse get's some bonus points from me 'cause I simply like the actor and it's nice to see him again on a series . Oh I agree Jesse from the past was def charming and also seemed a little troubled (* is interested*), so I hope present Jesse kept some good chara traits over the 12 years.

Was nice to see Jesse didn't get all the focus (but they still screwed over Ryans role :shifty:) for me it'll depend on how much tptb mess up his chara/role (and ryan's ) (but hey I survived csi season 9 :p).
(still hopes/dreams of Ryan and Jesse becoming friends , Ryan could use finally some support on the team ;) )