It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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Luveykat said:
B: Horatio's sunglasses

Am I the only one who wishes I could take them out and burn them?

I do (But then again, I wouldn't mind burning Horatio as a whole)

B- How CSI: Miami sucks (What, me, guilty of that, no, I like Miami, just not Horatio)
ROFLMAO!!! I was gonna say "do the deed" for A and "American Idol" for B!

New phrases for Wednesday:

Stella Bonasera said: "Old Man Periwinkle's body was found in central park recently and he was sooooo old!" Board members: "How old was he?!?!?!?" Stella continued: "He was so old, that when Dr. Hammerback did the Y-incision, a __________ fell out!"

Ecklie said "I'm really not happy about that new Nickelodeon themed Hotel they've opened up here in Vegas. Anytime I'm anywhere near it, kids keep on calling me ______________!"
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