It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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Doing "oral DNA checks" aka making out with. (meaning, much kissing and *not* "the other" so it's PG 13)
Mac Taylor said "I don't understand WHY on that NY Crime Forensic's show they use Baba O'Reilly as the theme song. There aren't any fields in NYC! They should have used ___________ for the theme song instead!!!"

"my music" (mac's music)

Nick said "We get all kinds of weird conventions in Vegas, but man, Warrick, Grissom and I were surprised! There was some Forensics TV show convention at the Bellagio, and we all ended up _________(ing) with a significant number of female attendees! Not that I'm complaining... "

Showing eachother our forensic gear..."show you mine if you show me your's" :D :p
Staring (at each other).

Luveykat said:
getting in the puppy pile and cuddling

from a CSI NY ep (2x02 Grand Murder at Central Station)

*sees mental image of their puppy pile* :lol:
needmorecsi said:
Mel23 said:
making out with. (meaning, much kissing and *not* "the other" so it's PG 13)

I know the other you mean and just so you know that isn't ever reffered to as "Making out" :)
yeah, how can you get THAT from "making out"?
But we all know what you mean - if we don't, we're too young to know anyway. :lol:
LOL!!! I was gonna say "Swabbing eachother for DNA samples, *if you know what I mean* ;)"

Continuing with the request for more phrases, we'll do like Gene Rayburn: Chose A or B (highlight under the spoiler areas) and fill in the blanks!

Catherine said "A woman just has to wonder about a guy that loves ___________(s) more than his girlfriend!"

Horatio said "That Catherine Willows from Vegas... is very hot." (Audience: HOW HOT IS SHE?!?!?!") Horatio continued "She's so hot, she got a ticket...... when she came down to Miami.... and wore (a) _____________ ... while gathering evidence on South Beach." (Horatio puts his shadses on and looks to the Horizon)
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