It's time to play CSI MATCH GAME--2nd Season!!!

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haha, Shane, i like your answer :lol: i think thats what we were all secretly hoping for

a real snake..."
disprncss358, this thread is based upon the old television game show where the host asks a celebrity panel to fill in the blank and a contestant tries to match them. That's where the name Match Game comes in. For this thread, a question is asked and any board member tries to fill in the blank with an answer that could be funny.

Current question: Ryan Wolfe said "We finally found the mole! And all this time, I thought it was _________!"

I was gonna say "that gopher from Caddyshack!"

New phrase for Wednesday:

Grissom said "Hankster and SaraSidleStokes from that CSI Board were in Vegas last week, and boy did they cause trouble. SaraSidleStokes kept on stalking Nick, while Hankster kept on asking ____________ out on a date!
LOL! Okay--I am straight, ya'll!!! But Hodges and Doc Robbins did make me laugh... :lol:

I was gonna say "Jesse Menken" or "Kristy Swanson"

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