Investigation song in CSI: "Compulsion"?

Well I have no self-control, I went ahead and ordered the CD too. I live in Canada so the total was $10.25 USD, which is roughly $12 CDN. And now the hard part, waiting!
Well, in addition to normal order confirmation, I've now received shipping confirmation from CDBaby.

Looks like they do really have it and are shipping within 24 hours. :)
Annnnnnd have now received the EP A-Okay from CDBaby. Cheapest shipping option took 4 business days to get to me, and official release isn't for another week. :)
Just so you know, Costanza's song "I've Been Waiting For You" will be making its debut on Aural Bliss at Auralgasms Radio this Sunday 10/16/05. The show airs from 10pm-12am EST.

Ex Mandalay singer Nicola Hitchcock is scheduled to join us in Auralgasms Chat that night as well.

Link to Auralgasms Radio is in my signature if interested.

The artist is "Costanza" and the song title is "I've Been Waiting for You". Visit her website for info and lyrics. I'm sure you can buy her album if you search around the site a bit. I haven't had much luck finding it available for download. You can download a 30 second track though on Just type "Costanza" in the search box, then click on the "I've Been Waiting for You" link in the "Sample Tracks" box.

Here is Costanza's Site:

To read the lyrics, click "Music", then "Lyrics", then Costanza Songs", then number 5 "I've Been Waiting for You".

In case you can't get the website to work, the lyrics are:

Promises are turning pale
Stars are bleaching
My wounds are still breathing
Fading away
Fading away
I've been waiting for you to save my world
So why don't you lick my soul
get rid of my ghost

The song is called "I've Been Waiting For You" and is on an album called zerOKilled by Costanza. Here is a link to a page containing a link to the song:

Not sure if this was ever answered ... sorry if this is old news.
Re: Investigation song in CSI: "Compulsion"?

It is a song called "I've Been Waiting For You" by a female vocalist/artist called Costanza (Francavilla). She has done a lot of collaborations with Tricky. It's a great song. :)