'I Have an Episode/Season Question' Thread #2. No Spoilers Please.

I have a question...
I am trying to figure out what season and episode this was, but can't remember, haha. It's been a very long time, so I apologize for lack of details.
Anyways, there was this scene where Ryan and this other girl (think it was Calleigh) were at a crime scene or something, and they had to run out of there. Ryan was last to get out of the room, and as he was running he managed to take a few last-minute photos of the place.

Thank you to anyone who manages to figure out which episode this is from. ;)
I have a question, I noticed no promos were shown for next week. Is there another repeat? If there is, does anyone know why?
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for an episode where Calleigh is looking for a littler girl who is hiding in the store or something...I'm kind of wondering if it wasn't in a different tv show....anyway, thank you very much...
it is csi miami its season 5 episode 11 "backstabbers"

I have a question does anybody know where i can find he preview for nrxt weeks episode
I have a question, I missed the promo 4 next weeks episode, and my friend said it was really good, but he wouldn't tell me wat happened. So can anyone tell me wat happened in the promo?