How to Annoy (insert character here)

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    LOL I gotta bring few ideas from over rpg forum (where I play Ryan and his sister who plays pranks on him:lol:) and bring few over rpg in the end.
    Oh and defo gotta pin few into some of my next ff's for more fun.
    I'd actually write a book of "How to annoy csi's especially Ryan Wolfe":guffaw:

    I'm pulling a hazardous guess if the csi (all three) would be real and I'd be near them (Miami e.g) someone (Ryan) would find himself into lot of hilarious and slightly humiliating situations every day:evil::guffaw:

    And back to annoying... :devil:

    Send Ryan anonymous letter with ticket to space travelling or that gravitation flight (the one Jesse and Walter experimented and Walter puked).

    Put some fake diamonds into Ryan's locker on the highest shelf and send Eric in locker room exactly the moment he opens his locker... (couldn't resist in sake for the upcoming episodes:evil:)

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