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YAY!!! H/Y or HOoRAY as my sister and I call them! I'm a huge fan of this couple and I seriously hope that they end up together. He obviously cares about her and she trusts him immensely.

Wolverine: Love the spoiler!
Hey, my fellow H/Y shippers, I think I've found some news of interest to you in a Sofia Milos interview with Canadian magazine Tandem.
Looks like we will see a little more of Y this season. Not sure if reference to Saris is about the season premiere, or if SM slipped and said something that is really no surprise to us. Finally, something new!!! http://www.sofiamilos.com/pub_tandem_oct08.html
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Thanks rahkira for the spoiler info. :D

The first part sounds like she's talking about 'Resurrection'. The last part is promising, saying she'll continue to be in CSI:Miami. I don't like when she says Y has changed to be more hardened though. Is she going the same way as H? Let's hope we get a softer H and he has to go about convincing her that he still has feelings for her. That'll be great to watch. But I doubt so, there's too little time in each episode for such development, unless it happens gradually. But H's gota finish the Kyle/J storyline first. I reckon we'll may know more after this coming episode 'Bombshell'.

Still I'm hopeful. :)
Ok I've got not so good news about H/Y. There was an interview posted in the Spoiler thread.

DC and Elizabeth were being interviewed about H/J and they were laughing and joking. Anyway both David and Elizabeth agreed that H/J still have a connection and feelings for each other or something to that effect. And DC let on that when H found out J was married to Ron Saris, it was a big blow to him. After Ron got blown up, it was hinted he isn't dead, now the only thing in H/J's way is that J is still married to Ron whom they don't know is dead or alive. And DC mentioned that H thinks that J being still legally married to Ron is a "minor speedbump" for them. I get the sense that tptb are going to try get H back togehter with J. While I'll always love H/Y and it's really disappointing to know that there's more hope for H/J than H/Y, I think H/J isn't that bad. *ducks things being thrown at me* I mean they do have on-screen chemistry.

On the other hand, H met Julia before Y. So I'm not sure, but it makes H a little superficial. I mean there was her-who-should-not-be-named, whom he had mourned for so long, then there's Y and now there's J, whom he apparently also hasn't gotten over. Make up your mind H! :scream: IMO J has the upper hand cos she's the mother of his son.
It's been ages since I wrote here but that interview Hrockz mentioned was really dissapointing to me. I love H and Y since the beginning and have always hoped that at some point they would finally get together. I was not so afraid of H and Julia which is why the interview really took me by surprise and not in a good way :(. So I just wanted to show my support for all H and Y shippers because I agree they are great together.
The video pretty much indicates DC's attitude. :( Yet, if this is going to continue, why did they make Kyle a regular cast member while Julia's still just recurring cast? Is this real or are they just playing us? To be honest, I'd reached the point of thinking H isn't good enough for Y anyway; yeah, H/J might be a more appropriate, if not a preferable match! :lol:
And you call yourself H/Y fans XD! Just kidding. Yeah I won't be happy if H/J happens but there's a real chance it could. Ick.
After last night's epi, I understand more. Julia meets H's need to take care of someone. Not that Kyle needs this drama on top of everything else, plus the spector of Saris still around (no body, remember?). Given the high rate of suicide in bipolar people, I wonder if that's down the road for Julia. I should have seen this coming, given the nightime soap opera Miami has become. Perhaps I should watch more of The Young and the Restless so I'll be better prepared and not so surprised by the next over-the-top storyline.

Did anyone notice the Abilify commercial during the epi? The drug's for Bipolar Disorder...
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After last night's epi, I understand more. Julia meets H's need to take care of someone.

Yes, that's probably true. Possibly in contrast, Yelina is far too independent, strong and capable of looking after both herself and Ray Jnr. When I think of how needy Marisol was. :rolleyes: To be honest, I know little about Julia, as I haven't really been watching, so maybe I should reserve judgement. H always has to 'save' someone it seems. Yelina doesn't need him.

I should have seen this coming, given the nightime soap opera Miami has become. Perhaps I should watch more of The Young and the Restless so I'll be better prepared and not so surprised by the next over-the-top storyline.

Hee! I have been thinking this since Season 4. ;)
I am still waiting to watch 'Bombshell', for some reason, my pay-per-view channel isn't offering the episode yet. Hopefully by next week I'll get to watch it.

But my thoughts on this whole issue. From what I read about the episode, it still seems that H and J still have feelings for each other. And I completely agree with everyone's take on it, that H needs a needy woman. Y is way too strong and independant for him.

However, the writers of Miami are making H's character in terms of his love life a complete joke. I mean how many times can he "fall in love"? There was her-who-should-not-be-named and it seemed it took him so long to get over her, and all of a sudden there's Julia. Ok granted she's an old flame and there always tends to be feelings when it comes to ex-es. And then there's Y. He just grows colder towards her with the seasons. There was some hope in season 5 in 'Burned' and then it all went downhill from there.

So the writers are making the good old, dependable H of seasons 1 to 3 become some fickle-minded, cassanova who can't decide who he's really in love with. It seems like he's leaning more towards J now, but why then would tptb still want Y in the show? There doesn't seem to be any purpose whatsoever?

I bring up the E/C/Jake triangle. I can see the logic in bringing back Jake, he did go out with Cal for awhile, so letting there be a "love triangle" between those three makes sense. But H/J/Y? There was no past relationship between H/Y to begin with except some hinted-at tension. There is no love triangle to begin with. So there is really no need to bring Y back, unless they want H/Y some time in the future? But why do tptb keep doing it? Nevermind, I don't think anyone, maybe not even tptb, have the answer to this question.

Maybe DC himself doens't like the idea of H/Y. He had an interview with Elizabeth and he had views on H/J but he never ever talked about H/Y.

What I really would like is, if tptb or DC or whoever decide that H/Y is a dead end, then make it clear on the show. Don't keep stringing us (or at least me) along. Before 'Bombshell' I still had hope for this ship (ok we're not a ship, well last time we weren't but now....), now, I just think that in season 8 or whatever future season, if and when H/Y do get together, it will be some cheapened version of the love and admiration they had in the first 3 seasons.

I mean after so many women H finally decides on Y. It sounds romantic maybe, but to me Y deserves better. And even then when she does wait and accept him after his forages with other women, it just goes to show what a patient and magnaimus person Y is. Really H doesn't deserve her.

On a lighter note, maybe after J sleeps with H (well he already has, 16 years ago :rolleyes:), J's days are numbered, so again, there's a chance for H/Y. :lol:
Ok I finally got to watch 'Bombshell' and you know what's sad? We got good old human H back, but he's that way with the wrong woman!

We always said it'll be nice if we got the more emotional, softer H back and Y would be theone to bring this old H back, but I think tptb made it such that it's J who gets the credit. I mean we got H who couldn't fix things for once for his family, and needed Eric's help, and we got an emotional H admitting to Eric that he couldn't help J or Kyle.

I just wish it was Y who is responsible for those scenes but it's J. But it all boils down to the fact that Y would probably not need H's help to begin with but J did. And H needs a needy woman as mentioned.

Don't kill me, if I had a choce I'd go for H/Y any day, but the last scene with H/J and him kissing her on the top of the head and then them sharing a smile, it was really sweet. I hate to admit it but H/J has got some pretty good chemistry too. *ducks things being thrown at me*

I think we can get a pretty good sense that H/J is going to happen sooner or later. We never got to see H kiss any other woman before on the show, although it's more like he kissed J on the head, but still he was telling her he's gonna be there for her. It's sad really. I don't think there'll ever be a H/Y.

And like I said if H/Y really does happen in the future, it'll be the "cheapened" version and I don't like that. It's like H falls in love too easily, and Y isn't that special someone, that one person he's meant to be with anymore.
You are so right, mysteriously masked Hrockz. ;) I have been saying all those things for some time now. For awhile it seemed Y was H's one true love, but looking back on events since then it now seems that she was just the first in a line of women designed to challenge his empathy. Y wasn't anything special at all, and tgtb just happened upon an actress who had great chemistry, and so we came to love her. What a rip-off.

(Doesn't your little one have a birthday soon?)
drgnldy wow how'd you know? Sorry OT but yeah both my kids birthdays are coming up next month, 3 days apart from each other, but not born in the same year :lol: I'm mightly busy planning their birthday parties.

To stay on topic, I really think that the last thing we can hope for is that tptb give Y some good storylines and write her out of the show graciously. I don't like her sticking around for the sake of turning up when H needs help. He must really have some kind of hold on her for him to keep asking her for favours, risking her life even, and nothing in return.

I repeat myself. We got a softer more emotional H now, but just that it's with the wrong woman. So sad. :( I mean I love seeing H all broken up and not being able to find the answers for once, but it would have been perfect if the situation was with Y and not J.
As Wolverine said, if they do ever get together it would just be a cheapened version of the great story it could've been. I can honestly say I don't care anymore if they ever get together or not. They've let it crumble too far.. But I will always be a huge H/Y fan, but only 'till s5 and even that was only saved by one episode: "burned".

Anyway I won't spill any tears or whatever over it. There's enough in TV Land that does work out fine.

I can't say for certain that I'll keep watching CSI Miami. For now it's ok but once I start work (with very irregular hours) I don't know if I'll have the energy / motivation to watch it. But I will keep lurking around the boards since I'm also a big fan of CSI NY :D
Wolverine, I won't throw things at you. I too enjoyed the scenes with H/J and also with H/K. While I would always prefer it to be H/Y, it is nice to see a more human side of H. I personally thought that Julia did an excellent job of portraying a person with bipolar disorder. My brother has this and much of what she did was dean on and believable. It was good to see H deal with a problem that he could not solve with a gun or an explosion. And these two do have chemistry. Not the same smoldering, 'lust creeping below the surface' that H/Y did, but they do work well together in a dysfunctional sort of way. He gets to be the frustrated parent and she gets to be the naughty, exasperating child seeking his attention. It works. (Maybe someone needs to write to Corey Miller and ask him to write in a drug addiction for Y so that H will need to rescue her again.) The article at SM's website said that we would be seeing a stronger side of Yelina this season and that her character was changing. I would agree with some of you that this probably means the end of any romantic future between the two. She does not need him, mostly because she has had to learn to rely on herself while he was busy rescuing the world. And H is a man who desperately needs to be needed....so it was fun while it lasted, or at least until the writers screwed it up 4 seasons ago. Does make for some good memories though. Anyone got a good pic of the two to post for old times sake? Happy Halloween everyone.