"Hog Heaven" Discussion *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by Destiny, May 3, 2009.

  1. K-Bug

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    Apr 22, 2009
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    I liked this episode. It was really strong. Hodges getting pwned was an "OOOOH, SNAPS." moment that my mom and I had to rewatch. I loved how Wendy took care of him after. I liked Catherine manhandling the woman cop and then their bantering as soon as the doors shut.

    I love love loved the last scene with Catherine and Brass. It had a real Grissom/Brass feel to it, which was nice. I love the budding friendship/professional relationship developing between the two of them. Between last week's moment with Cat in the ambulance/him dressing her down and this week, I have strong feelings for the two of them. I wouldn't mind reading a few post eps that are Brass/Catherine.

    I give it a B+. =)
  2. Dizzney

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    Mar 14, 2007
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    I thought this was a really good episode. It was a little predictable. I sort of figured the wife ratted him out too, but I still thought it was a good team effort episode.

    I do still hate seeing Ray, being a level 1, arrive first on the scene with no other senior CSI around. It just is so wrong on so many levels. Also him on the motorcycle and stuff was just touting Lawrence Fishburn around as being the cool guy to me. Overall it is was really unnecessary.

    Loved Brass in this episode, it was a different side of him. Glad to see how well he gets along with Catherine now. The end was sweet with them.

    It was funny with Hodges sticking up for Wendy and then getting head bunted. :lol:
    The role playing to figure out what happened in the club and Greg getting to say Hodges was "Jackass". :guffaw:

    I also thought that Greg seemed a little reflective when he was playing the part of the guy crawling on the ground fighting for his life...flashback to his beating?!

    If I was to rate this ep, I would give it a 9 out of 10.
  3. GregNickRyanFan

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    May 16, 2008
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    Decent ep with decent screen time for everyone. Brass got over ten scenes and the opening one-liner! Woo-hoo!

    Hodges at the crime scene again? I still say they're short handed.

    :lol: at Doc saying Cath and her hs boyfriend were Romeo and Juliet on a motorcycle.

    "This is your mouth on Meth."

    "Will you please open your mouth, Mr. Jackass." :lol:

    Poor Mandy. :lol:

    Poor Hodges got headbutted while defending Wendy.

    :lol: at the look Ecklie gave Brass when he said "what kind of cop is a tweaking nephrophiliac?"

    Ecklie looked confused when the widow hugged Brass. :lol:

    I figured Brass had an intimate relationship with the widow.

    I knew Tanya was gonna end up being killed.

    Greg: Hodges, you're jackass.
    Hodges: Don't I know it. :guffaw:

    I loved the Cath/Brass scene at the end. :)
  4. kaylyne

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    My Summary:

    - for a moment at the beginning, I thought I was back to watching Sons of Anarchy! It makes me miss the familiar faces of the Sons.

    - YAY! For Ecklie’s new role as the Undersheriff. Marc Vann ROCKS!!

    - YAY! For the return of Detective Vega. I just wish it wasn’t always ones that involved gangs. Why can’t they bring him back as a regular detective. He was one of my favorites.

    - Some good Wendy scenes, although Hodges being over-protective has become annoying. I loved Mandy being weirded out from the guy with the too-greasy hands.

    - This was another great episode showing Cath as supervisor. Somehow, she just seems to give a warm presence to the team aspect, even when she’s not in the scene. It’s a nice change from the 8 ½ seasons of clinical supervision from Grissom, as well as Cath’s previous team command in season 5 when she was trying to prove herself and had more of a hardened approach.

    - LOVE Ally Walker. I didn’t particularly like her character here, but she makes it great anyway.

    - Cath & Brass – OMG! I love how they’re bringing light to this great friendship.

    - Paul Guilfoyle was a big shining star in this episode. As Jim Brass, he doesn’t usually get to show a lot of emotion, so this was great to see again.

    - loved the undercover cop concept. After watching the NCIS/X-over episodes the past two weeks, this one kind of fell right in line with that and allowed me to enjoy more of the same with these characters that I know so well. And, as Tonya said – I’d like to see Catherine undercover as a hard-a$$ b!tch!

    my full review can be found here
  5. matt729

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    I for one loved this episode. It was funny, strange and left some questions. The scene with Hodges getting headbutted, Greg crawling around on the floor, Langston on the motorcycle were all great. Loved the whole biker gang theme.. I am wondering exactly what brass's realationship with that woman was, does anyone know for sure? I hope they go back to that sometime in the near furture... I would grade this episode High B low A...
  6. happyharper13

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    Oct 9, 2008
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    I was thinking the same thing. The way they zoomed in on his face for longer when he spoke and again after the imagined flashback while Ray was speaking seemed unusually. They don't normally show the characters as much when they're not talking, so those extra seconds seemed as if they were designed to really say something. I also got that feeling from his last scene last episode when he was interrogating the girls and realized that they'd beaten the vic and then left her to die. He seemed unusually cold and disgusted by their actions. The way he said "Kayla wasn't dead when you were kicking her under the truck... She bled to death... because you left her there" seemed unusually sarcastic and bitter. Car (or rather truck and Denali) + beaten and left to die was basically what happened to Greg. I'm going to cross my fingers and give TPTB the benefit of the doubt that they're catching on to continuity here, though I'm thinking that might be expecting a bit too much.
  7. PraetorCorvinus

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    Apr 17, 2009
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    I enjoyed this episode. It wasn't the greatest of the season, but still better than most. I was a little put off in the beginning with Langston arriving on the scene alone. No Catherine. No Nick. Just Langston :confused:. I like his character but they have to at least try to make it appear that they're following protocol. Greg didn't get his first solo until Season 7. Anyway...

    "When nobody know nothing, somebody know something." Brass has the greatest opening one-liners besides Grissom.

    Confused about Hodges being in the field. Him getting smacked in the face and later playing the role of 'Jackass' was awesome, though.

    I really liked the Lab Rat Assembly Line. "NEXT!":lol:

    Greg was great in this episode. He appeared to be the one running the show during the reenactment sequence. Very nice.

    Brass is still one of the best characters on this show and on any show. Even when he's sad and not his usual witty self he's still great.

    Overall, very enjoyable episode.
  8. Half

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    Hodges didn't really feel out of place in that one scene because he's been a part of reenactments before. Plus Greg got to call him a jackass, which is always funny.

    My only real problem with the episode is still Langston. I know he's the older guy, but that doesn't make him in charge... it probably would've made more sense in the beginning to cast Lauren as the level one and had Laurence (what is this, the L season?) cast as the level two... it would've at least made some sense. I like Riley and all, but it could've been done. (Hey, if she came in as a level one, maybe she would get more screentime! And she'd be able to work solo cases! ...Wait...)
  9. Elayne

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    May 17, 2006
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    Speaking of characters we've seen before, I'm pretty sure the guy from the impound lot was the same as the one we saw in "Redrum". Was the same actor the driver who delivered a suspect's crumpled car to Nick and Sara in "Invisible Evidence"?
  10. wlk68

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    May 6, 2005
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    I found myself wondering the same thing. If it was the same guy from Invisible Evidence, serious props to the Continuity Fairy.
  11. Destiny

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    Jun 10, 2004
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    The actors name is Jernard Burks
    Hog Heaven (2009) TV episode .... Lot Attendant
    Redrum (2007) TV episode .... Lot Attendant

    Gary Anthony Williams
    Invisible Evidence (2003) TV episode .... Auto Detail Guy
  12. starzsgirl

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    Feb 6, 2007
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    I really liked most of this episode. Getting to see an insight into Brass as a whole was refreshing; plus there was a team aspect going on and at some point everyone had a generous amount of time.

    This was a very different case, so it was interesting...but as soon as the wife was crying in Brass' office I had a feeling that she had something to do with why her husband died. So it made total sense that she got arrested for aiding in the murder. But at the same time it made sense she was upset because his undercover assignment changed him to the point of never being able to have him be himself again.

    I loved when the female undercover headbutted Hodges, it was definitely funny and semi well deserved for not listening. Mandy also made me laugh a lot with her grease comment and trying to get the guy's hand clean for the prints.

    The car bomb was a bit predictable since the car was sitting there alone with nothing around....though Nick's comment about "there goes the girlfriend" was well placed.

    Overall I give this ep an A-
  13. NickyFan

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    Absolutely agree with that one :) He seems to be a natural talent when you think od how long Greg needed to be as far as he is now... At least Greg's progress seemed to be normal.

    Man, the Dr. seems like he learned everything over night. You'll see, next season they'll all fall on their knees in front of him. He'll be the new nightshift supervisor because Cath can only look up to him and Nick will be his secretary :rolleyes:

    Yeah, what was that??? It looked like he just wanted to show what a great guy he is... he would have been better walking on foot, then at least it wouldn't have looked that weird...

    The scene with Catherine and Jim was cute. I like how close they got after Grissom left :)

    And I so felt with Mandy. The poor girl really had a nasty job :(
  14. DJRideout

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    Well I personally thought the episode was pretty good. Sure, it was a little predictable, and certain scenes could have been done a little different, but overall, I too, give it a thumbs up.

    I enjoyed a different side to Brass and the scene at the end between him and Catherine was indeed a nice touch.

    And of course, from a personal point of view, as much as I prefer Hodges in the lab, I didn't mind seeing him sporting his vest in the field. And once again we got to see a little classic Hodges/Greg scene (you know what I'm talkin about DIZZ...lol). something we really haven't seen in quite some time. But it's now apparent that no matter where he is, the poor lab tech isn't safe. I nearly busted a gut seeing him get headbutted, but at least he made an attempt at stepping up in Wendy's defense...even though she probably didn't need it.

    Mandy made me laugh as well.

    But in all, you could see that George is suffering, due to his limited screen time, and comments like 'going back to the lab' or 'going with the vic' was just proof of that. IMO, I think that if George wasn't going through the problems with his back, Wally wouldn't have been called on to bring his character out into the field.

    Oh well, I am not complaining. I enjoyed the episode and that was enough for me...:lol:
  15. CSIL3Willows

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    I really liked this eppy. ADORED the final scene with cath and Jim. It was so cute, and very reminisent of exchanges between Jim and Grissom. I think TPTB made a good decision (shock horror!!) putting that little scene in there. When Griss left they both lost a friend, so it seems kinda natural that they'd grow closer.

    And Hodges getting headbutted... LMAO!!! Kinda cute sticking up for Wendy though, bless.

    Think Langston needs to be taken down a peg or two though, walking around like he runs the place. Cath needs to give him a good talking to, remind him he's only a CSI Level 1, and that she's in charge.

    Overall though, pretty good ep. 9 out of 10


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