Hodges and Wendy----Labrats Love!

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Hit and Run
I never thought of Hodges as particularly sexy until the "Labrats" episode. The tension between Hodges and Wendy was palpable? Anyone else think these two would make a great couple?
It did look like that Hodges had a little cursh on Wendy. I just hope they won't have Wendy recipocate because I really don't care for Hodges.
Hodges and Wendy has awesome tension. I loved Wendy's line "I almost thought for a minute I might *pause*, you know what, nevermind."

Hodges needs some lovin'.

(Plus they could double date with Mandy and Henry)
Hey I saw that part when she paused too. I was like hmm... I think they would be cute and Hodges does need a girlfriend. :p I like Mandy and Henry too. That'd be sweet if they went on a double date, haha.

Although I do agree with CSIChick. I wouldn't really want to see a whole storyline with them getting together, because I'd rather see other characters but I do like them together.
I never really want to see ships get together, especially after seeing the way they handle cannon, but it's fun to watch these to snark at each other.

Good to know that I wasn't the only one who jumped aboard yet another ship with "Lab Rats".

I love Wendy, I adore Hodges to death, and it would be awesome.

Just my two cents.
I wouldn't mind this one. They are cute. Love the spark... oh wait..snark? :lol: both. :p

Labrats love. Right on!
Brassy I never thought of Hodges as particularly sexy until the "Labrats" episode.
I KNOW!!! He was always just the skinny geeky lab guy; then out of the blue he grays his hair, throws on a nice shirt, gives a passionate defense of his "lucky day" and suddenly I'm all "Hey... how YOU doin'?"

I don't necessarily want to see it play out on screen - I don't see how they'd do it anyway, with the small amount of time the lab rats ordinarily get - but if we got references to a Wodges ship every now and again, I'd totally be down with that.
Hodges is adorable. I think... I think I may have a smallish little crush on him.


I think I have problems. He's a narsasstic, obsessive complusive, ass kisser... and I've got a crush. That's horrible. Though, you have to admit that him using his "Lucky Day" to solve a case that has been plaguing the CSI's for 7 months? Sweet. And I mean that as in "Awww". I just wanna cuddle him.

Oh God. It's getting worse.

I love how Wendy doesn't take his crap. It's love I tell you. Love.

Though, you're right. I wouldn't want it to play out on screen. But mentions of it? I'd 'Awww!" everytime.

I'm going to go check myself into the "I have to many damn CSI 'ships floating around the harbor of my brain." rehab center now and hope that they can stop them before the start crashing into one another.

That is all.
this ship is cute.. ;)

Hodges and Wendy?? why not?? ;)
Hodges is one of my fave labrat and i really like Wendy. :)

i have a lot of ships now.. *counts all her ships*
adding another one doesnt hurt anyone right?? ;)

so what's the ship name guys? :D
I never liked Hodges' until Lab Rats.. Wendy and Hodges' are mean't for each other.

Labrattie (Haha new word?) love - aww.

Do we have a shipname yet? Or is Labrat Love?
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